Command Tasks

Here I have drawn some command task pictures and I have briefed about it. It is not always necessary that your task may complete but the point which is being noted is HOW YOU PERFORM THE COMMAND TASK. Here are some pictures.

What is the role of GTO in ISSB?

Group Testing Officer, also known as GTO is one of the three officers that are assigned to test your suitability for defense forces in ISSB. Candidates are divided into various groups of 8-12 members each and every group is given an alphabet (A, B, C etc.) as name of the group. Every group has its own GTO, Psychologist and Deputy President.
GTO is the person with whom you’ll have to spend most of your time at ISSB i.e two days, so its essential that you perform well and in a good manner to secure his vote. GTO checks your co-operation with your group mates, your leadership skills, manners, influencing power, alertness, teamwork, tactics, judgement and physical fitness. To check these aspects, he conducts a number of indoor and outdoor tasks on day 3 and 4 of ISSB. GTO conducts a small interview with the candidate as well.




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