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14 August: Our Love, Our Pakistan

14 August

By **Tayyaba Idrees

It is just another date to the rest of the world, but to us, it is a symbol, that with the sheer power of faith and with hard work, the seemingly impossible can be achieved.

72 years ago, this date marked a change in the map of the world, a powerful addition to the handful of Muslim countries on this planet.

This is the date, when a century-long struggle of the Indian Muslims was finally realized, when it bore fruit, after countless atrocities faced at the hands of followers of opposing theologies, in the form of ” the Land of the Pure“.

Yes, the day Pakistan was created, is not just a day, it is an ideology in itself, a divine gesture that this land is meant to endure.

On this day, in addition to thanking the Almighty for granting us the privilege of being born free, let’s ask ourselves;

The countless sacrifices of our forefathers that form the foundation of Pakistan are we doing anything not to let them go wasted?

Are we playing our part in her progress?  Have we started to own Pakistan, as we should?

Do we really, really consider Pakistan as our, and solely our responsibility, because no matter how much we say that the country’s development is the job of the rulers, we, the masses have to play our part honestly as well.

This is the land that gave birth to us, to whom we owe our very identities, but have we ever tried to repay the enormous debt we owe her? Year after year, we all see brilliant sons and daughters of Pakistan, leaving her to go to other countries, to build a sound career, forgetting that whatever excellence they have achieved in their respective fields, is because of this beautiful and bountiful land. They say what scope is in Pakistan, a third world country, for them.

Why do we forget, this is the land that holds us in esteem for our endeavours, which understands our efforts and appreciates us for them, while to the rest of the world, Pakistani immigrants are some random Paki, who don’t deserve respect whatever they do because they are innate ‘dehshatgard’.

This 14th August, let’s promise ourselves, that even if we do nothing else, we will own this land, her people. We will uphold her traditions, her beauties, her flaws, as ours, no matter where we go in the world because we are nothing without our identity, Pakistan. We are a scattered crowd, with no identity and no respect without Pakistan

Shaping a brighter future for Pakistan

**The author is a student of Rawalpindi Medical University, Pakistan.

14 August: Recalling The Making Of Pakistan

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