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23rd March; What It Demands From Us?

By Attaullah Shah

23 March is just not a date on a calendar for Pakistan but a turning point for the Muslims of the subcontinent. 23 March is a day which holds as much importance as 14th August.

Pakistan is a great outcome of massive struggle that succeeded on Independence Day, but the first milestone of Pakistan was launched on this day. On 23 March 1940 finally Muslims decided under the leadership of Quaid e Azam that the solution of all their major problem is to have a separate country of their own. A country where they can breathe in freedom and where they can live according to the teaching of their religion. Quaid e Azam was determined by this decision that he made Hindus and British clear that he will not accept any constitutional plan that would be designed other than the aforementioned criteria. It was Lahore, where Muslims made this memorable decision in a huge gathering. Minar e Pakistan is built on that place as a  memory of that resolution.

Pakistan armed forces organize a spectacular parade in Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan on this day. Watching parade increase your enthusiasm and patriotism for your country. The parade makes us realize that we value the sacrifices of our forefathers.

Pakistan day is not only a day where we should rejoice history. It is a day when we need to ask ourselves how close we are to the vision of Pakistan. This helps us to identify those gaps and work on them. We have made a great progress in our small history as a nation but there is still a lot of work to be done.We must not waste our time and energies in criticizing what can’t handle; instead, we need to concentrate how we can play our role as individuals. For that, I suggest following roadmap.

“Stop complaining about your country just do your part well”

If we go with realistic expectations, yes, Pakistan cannot change overnight. All this is dependent on changing ourselves for better. Let’s concentrate on building a prosperous Pakistan by becoming a good Pakistanis.

We Should Drive The Change And Fight Corruption

It is not an awkward question anymore if we bribe at different places such as Passport office to skip the queue and get our task to be done quicker? Unfortunately, most of us do like that.

We discourage such acts in our society but we don’t take any measures to stop it. Next time if you face such situation make yourself strong and say “No”.

It is much better to spend few hours in lines if the outcome results in a better Pakistan. This mindset will make us glad to wait in lines.

We must discourage corruption for the minor inconvenience. We often have no issue or shame in giving a traffic police hundred rupees when they stop our vehicles.  Very straight. Carry your papers with you. The is a solution to this problem. If you keep your documents with you, there is no need to pay bribe again. If you organize yourself nobody will dare to ask for a bribe.

Support Child Education Program

There are some real changes that will never end for a lifetime. Do you have an idea how much it costs to support child education program through the high-quality charitable organization? Just Rs 1200 per month. You can easily pay for a whole month’s tuition fee for a poor child. It costs much less than a outdoor dining. Play your role in creating an educated and prosperous Pakistan via nonprofit organizations.  Such organizations are always looking for volunteers.

Explore Pakistan To Know Pakistan

You need to explore Pakistan if you want to help Pakistan. The beauty of Pakistan lies in its countryside. Looking at the natural beauty and different cultures it gives you a feeling that Pakistan is a country which is not identified by corruption but by its rich culture.

It would be great to know them and identify how else can be helped.

 Promote Local Products

Over a couple of years, local products have entered the race with international products. Our small home enterprises are under immense pressure. Support local products which are made in Pakistan. This will help the local business to grow. Instead of international fast food chains prefer own cuisine. This will help to create jobs in the local market which will result in a reduction in crimes and extremism.

The Outcome of Such Small Acts will Change the Society and Outlook of Our Country

It is not easy to do the right acts. Consequently, people opt for the way of corruption and bribery.

This 23rd March, I say, have faith in yourself and be the catalyst for the change. The only way we can make our country stronger is by changing ourselves.

Sincere work and the freedom of speech are the pillars on which free and equal society can develop. We should honestly spend our time and energies in positive directions. Let’s build ethical and just society.

Let us enjoy Pak Military Parade on 23 March 2018 from Islamabad.   PAKISTAN ZINDABAD


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