5 Tips to clear command tasks easily

Welcome back to our new post. I have received a lot of emails pertaining to the tips to clear command tasks which is considered one of the most difficult task in ISSB. In this post, I will cover some tricks which you can apply to trick the GTO and to get recommend by him.

1. Your Group Wins, You Win

Most of the cadets don’t realize that you are what your group is. ISSB is all about your personality and the way you “think”. Each and every cadet is being judged on his own. Most cadet don’t understand this thing that in ISSB, you have a separate performa/file of yours in which your personality, mentality and physical fitness has marks. There is no set criteria that from a group either three, four or five or maybe six cadets have to selected at most. All cadets in a group can be selected and all can be rejected!

Common practice in cadets while doing command tasks or group tasks is that they try to led down the other cadets in the group. This results in giving wrong decisions and wrong help to fellow cadets. A mature and decent cadet should give right answers to his fellow cadets in the group. This will show that he is upright, obedient and can act good as a subordinate because in future you have to start your career as an officer (as a lieutenant ofcourse) If you are not obedient, you are not useful for Army, Airforce or Navy. Command tasks tells about how a person act as a commander, as an subordinate as well. You will see that many of the cadets in command tasks will give wrong directions to their commander although they might have done their task but they have lost the marks to act as a good subordinate while the other person who gives honest and true directions with a view to make him win, gets good marks as a true and honest subordinate who gives good opinions and suggestions to his commander

2. Be Assertive

Once it is your turn to act as a commander in command tasks, Be mature. Think of all your subordinates as your younger brother. Don’t make them do such things which you won’t do yourself such as laying down and letting the others walk on oneself (although it is strictly not allowed) or making the subordinates do such thing which are dangerous. Act mature and make bold decisions. Once you have made up your made, give assertive commands and don’t act like a shy girl. You are commanding your troops so you have to act as a commander. Give proper command, for example. “Chest no 1, Pick up the rope and pass to chest no 2”. This is the proper way. Giving commands like “Chest no 1, Can you pick up or Chest no 1, Will it be easy if you pick up”. This is wrong.

3. Think before you speak

There is no shame in thinking for one odd minute in silence and then giving the order. Order should be well thought of. Decision should be well made and once made you should act upon it boldy. This shows that a cadet is mentally fit. It removes the gestures of confusion in a cadet. Before giving your plan, Think. Either it is a command task or group planning or group discussion, Think and then speak. Don’t speak bluntly.

In command task, GTO will give you few minutes to think before you jump into action. Make use of those minutes and try to see the obstacle by going into it and touching the things to make the GTO realize that the cadet is making a thorough plan and the commander (the cadet) is actually seeing things in deep details. This will give added marks to your grading as a commander thereby leading to recommendation by GTO in command task.

4. If plan doesn’t work out, NO PROBLEM

Once in ISSB, you will see that many of the cadets who are actually good in doing the obstacles, in group planning and group discussion eventually don’t make it to recommendation letter. Why? It is because of minor details which ordinary people don’t see but psychologist, deputy and GTO does see such as giving wrong suggestions to others, snubbing their viewpoint, criticizing, laughing on them. If you have done all wrong, relax! Just relax and focus on your next task. You will ace it but if you will keep thinking about the task which (according to you) you have done incorrectly and which might be 100% correct in GTO’s point of view, you will ruin your next task. So once the day is over, it is over. Pray to Allah Almighty to ace the next tests.

One common mistake which cadets do is that they laugh once GTO criticizes a cadet. YOU SHOULD NOT LAUGH ON ANYBODY. This natural tendency to laugh on others will only be removed once you are bound to make your group mates recommended as well as getting recommended yourself!

5. Every opinion is a good opinion

All cadets coming to ISSB are not from same background. Some would be from urban areas while the others would be from rural. If one cadet gives an absolutely bullshit point, don’t snub him. Either the best way is to appreciate his idea and then give your own opinion in a suitable manner. Let me give you an example

(Topic is about culture differences between Pakistan and America)

Chest No 1: One of the most important difference between Pakistan and America is that they have nuclear missiles much more sophisticated and better than Pakistan.

Chest No 2: (Proper way of giving the answer). We all appreciate your viewpoint and it is very interesting indeed but the main culture difference in Pakistan and America, according to me is Group Thinking.
Instead of saying, You don’t know what the topic is, You don’t have something to say and don’t take us to wrong direction.

Similarly for Command tasks, if somebody gives a wrong command, don’t say I am unable to do it or say it to chest no 3 or so, Instead do it once and then say, Commander, I am unable to do it, Please suggest me a proper way to do it in a polite manner. Remember, Humbleness, Honesty, Teamwork, Comradeship are qualities which are seen in command tasks in ISSB.

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