Academy Senior Under Officer ISSB Deputy Interview Answers

Academy Senior Under Officer ISSB Deputy Interview
Academy Senior Under Officer ISSB Deputy Interview

Hey there! I posted about Academy Senior Under Officer ISSB Deputy Interview Questions. Today I am going to post about the Academy Senior Under Officer ISSB Deputy Interview Answers and the reasons for that.

Candidate (who managed to become ASUO): Assalamo Alaikum Sir! (Gives a smile)

Reason: The reason to give a smile is that you show them that you are confident. You don’t have to laugh or nod or anything like that. Just a firm 1-2 second smile.

Deputy: Walikum Aslam! How are you beta?

Answer: Alhumdullilah, I am fine sir.

Deputy: How is your ISSB days going?

Answer: ISSB days are going good. (The keypoint in understanding the question here is that he asked only about ISSB days and the reasons. Just give short and crisp answer that the days are going fine. If the days are not going fine, then this will surely give a bad impression as the candidate is not able to live 4 days comfortably in a good administrative environment.

Deputy: Are you comfortable?

Answer: Yes.

Reason: As above

Deputy: How much salary your father is earning?

Answer : Sir, My father is earning ________ per month.

Reason: Just tell the amount. If he asks for distribution as how your father is getting this salary, What is his grade, Where he is posted? who is the employer? You must be ready to know the answers.

Deputy: What does your elder sister do?

Answer: My sister has done her MBBS and she is going to apply in Pakistan Navy.

Reason: Just tell about her profession.

Deputy: Why you want to join Pakistan Army?

Answer: Sir, I want to join army because I am passionate about it. eversince my childhood, I was interested in weapons and military vehicles. My father also recommended me for Pakistan army. I have seen my chachu, The amount of respect the society gives him, his rank and status is absolutely admirable. His personality and the way he walks and talks is a reflection of utmost gentlemen. I want to develop those qualities and habits in me.

Reason: This should be a preplanned question as this question is going to be asked surely in ISSB. If you are applying in Pakistan Airforce or Pakistan Navy, this question is a must asked. You must have valid reasons for it. Shahadat is one reason but then have solid reason for that. (This question can get really complex depending upon your answer)

Deputy: Tell me the area of the glass on my desk?

Answer: Sir, the area of the glass is 20 square feet. 5 feet in length and 4 feet in width.

Reason: Don’t panic about such questions. You are not Al-Khwarizmi nor Einstein who will give exact measurements of the glass (And I doubt whether they also can). Just give a rough estimate supported by a reason to your answer.

*UNIT IS A MUST! Square Feet or Square Metres is must to be said!

Deputy: You want to join Pak Army in order to get plots?

Answer: Sir, Not for plots. If I wanted to get plots in DHA by joining Pakistan Army, I would’ve become property dealer somewhere. I would’ve made alot of plots.

Reason: This was a very tactical answer given by the candidate. It shows two things. Firstly, he gave the answer. Secondly, he showed the deputy that it isn’t ISSB, even if he is rejected he can make lot of plots by becoming property dealer.

Deputy: What if I send you to Pakistan Navy or Pakistan Airforce?

Answer: Sir, I will be glad to go in either of the arms. But i will be more happy to go to Pakistan Army, if not Pakistan Army, then Pakistan Airforce, Then Pakistan Navy.

Reason: This question actually went wrong in a technically sense. ISSB is all about hypothetical situation. You have applied in PMA LONG COURSE, According to laws, ISSB doesn’t hold this authority to recommend you for Pakistan Airforce and Pakistan Navy. The appropriate answer to this question is that “Yes Sir, I would be glad to join either of the arms” and full stop.

Deputy: Any recommendations on improvement of administration?

Answer: No recommendations needed. Everything is perfect and enjoying.

Reason: ISSB is a system that has been working for many years. No candidate (who’s qualification is FSc Passsed) should become Chief of Army staff and give them recommendations. Their system is perfect and they have many directorates overlooking their performance and standard operating procedures. Just tell that your stay was good and thats it. If they insist you more, Tell them about a very minor recommendation.

Deputy: Any Issues while your stay?

Answer: Absolutely no issues sir, It was really good.

Reason: You don’t have to give them issues while your stay in ISSB. You should not have any issues. ISSB system is perfect. Living conditions and other arrangements are excellent. If still you have issues, then do you think you can survive PMA, Airforce Academy or Naval Academy conditions where you have to sleep outside on grass for somedays in the cold, harsh weather?

Deputy: What if you are not selected from ISSB?

Answer: Sir, Naturally it would be sad thing. But I will apply again and meanwhile I will apply in university as well.

Reason: You don’t have to be a begger on this question. asking the interviewer to select you for ISSB. He has not given his final decision yet. Tell him firmly that I am going to apply in next batch and meanwhile I am going to apply in university as well to show them that you are not only limited to armed forces.

Deputy: Training is tough there, What will you do?

Answer: Sir, Training is no doubt tough. I have heard stories but if cadets have been doing it, So can I

Reason: All 500,600+ candidates which are selected in such academies, each and last one of them passes out. (Only if their discipline in fine and in some cases they don’t have medical issues). So No need to worry about toughness.

Deputy: Tell me three quality of your best friend?

Answer: He is hardworking, determined and good in handling digital equipments.
Reason: This question is the same as “Tell me three good qualities in you”. Because we make the friends which are a reflection of our own personality.

Deputy: What is the best memory you have?

Answer: The best memory I have is when I found my stolen bicycle of my younger brother by threatening the suspected individual when I was in 15 years old.
Reason: Just tell him the best memory and tell him with excitement because it was best!

Deputy: Tell me about your achievements?
Answer: I have played basketball at national levels, I secured excellent marks in my studies.
Reason: Tell him about your achievements and those things which you are proud of.

Deputy: Tell me about the names of the two angels on your shoulder?
Answer: I was not remembering them at that moment, So I said sorry.

Deputy: What If I tell you to cut your beard?
Answer: Yes Sir, I will do it.
Reason: Most people say ” We won’t”. Try to understand, They are not going to bring the trimming machine and shave off your beard. Candidates keep beard. They are just checking your obedience. Tell them you will do it or if you are determined not to do so, Then give solid reasons.

Deputy: Have your parents performed Umrah or Hajj?
Answer: My parents have performed Umrah and not Hajj.

Deputy: Is your father satisfied about your decision of going to Pak Army?
Answer: Yes, my father was happy about the decision.

In the end, He offered a handshake. I did and I left the room.

Academy Senior Under Officer ISSB Deputy Interview
Academy Senior Under Officer ISSB Deputy Interview

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