7 Tips for all ISSB interviews

Welcome back to our new post of ISSB interviews. Today, I am going to share those secrets of ISSB interviews which if somebody knows, there are 99% chance of success. 1% is ,ofcourse, the LUCK factor.

These ISSB tips are the crux of candidates who not only cleared their ISSB easily, but also secured good appointments in various armed forces academy. ISSB Interviews are a nightmare for all armed forces aspirants but with practice these interviews will become an ordinary day talk with your father or elder brother.

Before starting, I will like to tell you all that I am sharing these tips because these are the hidden secrets which I’ve got from retired GTO’s, Deputy and Psychologists working in ISSB and taking ISSB interviews. 90% of this website content is taken from retired individuals working in ISSB. 10% is my own experience.

Following are all the tips,

1. Body Posture

Where you go in ISSB, whether you are going for command task, whether you are entering a door, whether you are standing for individual lecture (I will cover tips about individual lecture in my next post), whether you are doing model planning, whether you are going to GTO to get the command task. First and the foremost thing which reflects a person’s personality is his body posture. If you walk erect, with chest up and straight back with a graceful style, Even if you speak shit, there are 20% chances that you will get recommend. This is the importance of Body Posture.
The importance of Body posture is so much that once you enter into the room for psychologist interview, and you approach the seat, he writes down whether you are recommended or not. Rest of the questions are merely to analyze and further confirm whether the initial judgement is correct or not.

So the foremost thing to keep in mind while going for ISSB interviews is keep your body posture erect and perfect.

2. Look in the Eyes of the interviewer

You might have listened from your friend that “don’t look into the eyes of the interviewer otherwise you’ll be not recommend” or stuff like that. But my question to you would be, Are you shy or insecure?

By not looking into somebody eyes, and looking here and there reflects a lot about a person. It reflects that they are insecure, they are shy, they are unable to answer the question and they are avoiding your presence. Once you look into the eyes of the other person, it gives an image that a person is bold and honest, he is not hiding something from the interviewer. Even if you look here and there while speaking to a person, It will give the image of lying, untrue story or hidden facts.

A tip for boys is, By looking into the eyes and avoid looking here and there, gives an impression of bold and aggressiveness which increases chances of recommendation in ISSB. For girls, this tip is equally valid. Boldness is an attractive.

3. Hand Shake

The only single factor which can get you RECOMMENDED or NOT RECOMMENDED in ISSB Interviews is Handshake. If your handshake is not firm, You will lose the game. If your handshake is good, chances of getting Recommended are boosted up. A firm handshake combined with looking in the eyes, is the first requirement of an armed forces officer. If a person shakes hand loosely and looks away while shaking hand, Sorry to say, he has lost his chances for ISSB.

Consider this example.

ISSB interviews Handshake method
Proper procedure for handshake in ISSB interview

For tips regarding Psychologist Interview, refer to:

4. Relax & Practice

This is only possible if you do frequent practices of all the interviews. Wear your suit (I will post regarding interview clothing for ISSB interviews as well in my next post) and sit on a chair and tell your father or your big brother to ask various questions from you. This will enhance your replies. Your mind will be tuned to give the most appropriate reply. This will not only help you build up the best replies for the common questions asked in ISSB interviews, but it will improve the answers as well. Try to discuss the answers with your big brother/father.
Only by requisite practicing you will master the interview skills and believe me, when you’ll go for the interview actually, It would be a piece of cake.

5. Be Enthusiastic

Very few people will know that ISSB does not want an individual who is clenched in the stresses of the life and who is without hope. All those candidates who are applying in ISSB will be filtered through ISSB interviews and will be NOT Recommended. Be Enthusiastic. By being Enthusiastic I mean that you should be hopeful with the life and you should have following answers in your interview

Question 1: What will you do if you are NOT RECOMMENDED?
Answer 1: It is very natural that If I am NOT Recommended, I will be sad. But I will seek improvement in myself and will always look for weak points in my personality. I will apply in university in this field, Or I will do this……. ( your answer should be specific, in which university? in which programme? and NOT any university in any programme)

Question 2: Are you happy with your current job?
Answer 2: Alhumdullilah Sir, I am very happy with my current job (if you are not, the interviewer doesn’t care) but as armed forces is my passion and my dream, thats why I have applied in this Long Course or Short Course.

The above answers are only for reference. They show that a person is happy with his current life and he can do well even if doesn’t selected by ISSB.

6. Prepare for Unforeseen

While undergoing ISSB selection, you will hear many candidates saying, My interview didn’t go well, It was not expected and such. But few genius mind will ask the question WHY? Because he was not prepared for that specific part of the interview which led to wrong answers. Be prepared for all kinds of questions. The best way to do this is:
Think of all good questions and bad questions you can ask from a person who is going to work for your company or who is going to be your closest friend. All the negative questions and all the positive questions. Prepare their answers accordingly and furnish them.

7. Fingers Interlocked

Each and every part of your body reflex your personality. Most people ask for the proper sitting posture. I will cover details regarding proper sitting posture in my next post. The best place for your hands is in between your laps with your fingers interlocked.

Note: Do not move your fingers once they are interlocked as they show a person’s curiosity and tension.

Proper sitting method for ISSB interviews

Please comment below and tell me about all the topics on which I should write. Ask any question related to ISSB interviews

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