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Broken Promised

**Mehwish Munir

There’s always a scope for a second chance, only if you TRUST – God and your own self…. Sometimes you can’t live up to your stated promises so don’t make tall claims. Instead, prove it with your actions. Else, there could be regret and shame at the end.


The butterfly which I called mine,

The day, I saw her for the first time

She wanted to fly very high,

She wanted to touch the sky

Last night, I saw that butterfly again

But she was not the same as year before

She was dull, her wings were torn

I know her dreams were big

And I promised to be with her in everything

I will not leave if you commit any mistake

I promised her to hold her if she falls apart or break

But I just promised her

Alas! I couldn’t keep it well

I left her alone when she wanted me a lot

Now I want to join the pieces back,

I can’t do anything to make her stand

Just want one last chance to make her smile

But I can’t bring her back to life

She took her last breath that night.

However, despair is not an option

As the phoenix rises again

So will my butterfly

** Mehwish Munir is a student  of Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad

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