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Corona Virus, Threats, Media Hype and Evolving Human Tragedy

Hot Articles of the Week—Excerpts With Commentary

Ground Zero: A fifth to half of all coronavirus deaths have been in nursing homes by Christine Dolan (


Comments: It is opined that the most significant death tolls in the old /nursing homes in Europe and the US occurred not because of infection of coronavirus but due to the fear, isolation and lack of emotional and physical support which the older people require during their terminal stage. Coronavirus is a politics more than a disease and it is turning into a human tragedy.


India cracks down on Chinese investment as mood turns against Beijing (Observer Research Foundation)

Comments: Japan and India are the first two countries to put a restriction on Chinese investment in their countries after the COVID-19 crisis. Japan has subsidized relocation of its companies from China to Japan with an incentive of $ 2 Billion, and India has put a restriction on China to buy shares of any Indian company, limiting foreign direct investment from China. Indian companies shall lose their market shares in a big way. Let us see for how long the Indian billionaires tolerate BJP led Govt in India.


White House un-follows Indian PM Modi on Twitter (Gulf News-Times of India &NDTV)

Comments: Modi suddenly falling from the grace of White House comes as surprise but surely it links to BJP/RSS ill-treatment of Minorities in India. We would like to see more & concrete steps being taken by the US against fascist & racist policies of Indian Govt towards its minorities. RSS be blacklisted, CAA, and article 370 and 35A in Kashmir cancelled.


Bill Gates Worked To End Livestock Production, Pushed Lab Grown Meat (Activist Post)

“There is unprecedented meat shortages in the United States due to processing plants gone offline. Farmers have nowhere to send their product, and in turn millions of animals are being slaughtered [wasted]. Additionally, vegetables that would normally end up on store shelves are rotting in the field resultantly the lab grown meat is being pushed.”

Comments: Big food companies are likely to join the money making spree in view of pandemic. In such a situation, food supply chain might break. Smelling the rat, many countries have already banned exports of food items. Developing countries should ensure food security for their citizens by digitally maintaining essential data/stock holding of distributers/ wholesalers and stockists, their daily and monthly sales to keep an eye on demand & supply.


North Carolina Pet Believed to Be First Dog in the U.S. to Test Positive for Virus That Causes COVID-19 in Humans (TIME)

Comments: After pharmaceuticals, probably now the food companies are seeking a piece of the pie. We are likely to be told that meat, milk and its by-products are not safe unless the animals are appropriately vaccinated. People are likely to be pressurized to get food from prescribed companies.


Trump says China could have stopped Covid-19 and suggests US will seek damages (The Guardian)

“Donald Trump has renewed his attacks on China, saying his administration was conducting “serious investigations” into Beijing’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak and suggesting he would seek damages for the US.”

Comments: The accusations against China for not controlling the pandemic are rising once more. A few days earlier top German newspaper in its editorial said that China owes us $165 billion as compensation. Trump says the US shall ask much more. However, yesterday, China rejected the accusations through, a state-owned newspaper, the Global Times, editorial “Political motives behind China smears.” Quite interestingly paper used the phrase of Afghan Taliban in the article “Time is on our side.” A politically more assertive China is emerging.


 India cannot afford PPE – so how can it afford billion-dollar arms deals? (Independent.UK)

“PPE shortages have been forcing medical staff to use raincoats and motorbike helmets instead. However, a week after the first case of Covid-19 was detected, the Indian government signed 14 contracts with Russia worth more than $16bn.”


Will Coronavirus Prevent Pakistan and India Going to War This Summer? (HAARETZ)

Israeli newspaper says that for India-Pakistan the summer of 2020 will not be peaceful. It is because Pakistan is “backing and financing terror” in Kashmir. The Indian author is of view that emerging geopolitics has emboldened Pakistan to revive militancy from Khalistan to Kashmir. The author claims Pakistan was sending weapons through drones, organized and equipped approx 450 militants ready to infiltrate through the international border from Indian Gujrat-Punjab to Kashmir. The paper severely criticized PM Imran khan tweets equating Modi with Hitler.

Comments: Israeli newspaper has launched a toxic propaganda campaign against Pakistan armed forces and PM Imran Khan. A month earlier, the same paper had published a poisonous article “How Pakistan Became a Coronavirus Super-spreader to the Entire Muslim World.” The credibility of this wonderful paper is fast eroding.


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