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Coronavirus has made me sad: Shahtaj

I was happily studying in class 8th in the The Roots International School  in Lahore, Pakistan when Coronavirus severely impacted my sports and school life. Consequently, I am unhappy, bored and depressed.
Now I know that Coronavirus is a newly identified virus SARS-COV-2/covid 19. It has caused the worldwide pandemic of respiratory illness, and the symptoms include cough, fever, shortness of breath and headache. The virus was reported in China in Dec 2019. Later many other countries, in all 185, also reported this disease.
Coronavirus has affected the social, economic, political, religious, and academic life of almost everyone. It changed the way of working, playing and learning. Many countries in the world have locked down, including Pakistan, which is also affected by COVID-19. It has disturbed my family routine, as well.

The sports leagues have been cancelled, and many people asked to work by staying home. Schools are closing, and the students are not going to school, they are doing their studies from home by taking online classes. It is boring as I am unable to meet my friends.

Online classes are in trend nowadays. The rich and middle class has internet access, but many students are poor and do not own computers/ smartphones or live in backward areas where there is no internet or the service is not good. I suggest there could be a system of assignments which are to be submitted monthly.

The pandemic has halted trade, industries and business. The economic impact on labourers is worse than any other field. The employees in the industry sector have lost their jobs; the daily wagers are severely affected because they are unable to make their both ends meet. I genuinely feel sorry for them.

 The letter from Raja Muhammad Shahtaj Ali

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