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Despite The Odds Imran Khan Will Sail Through

Growing criticism of Imran Khan on international media confirms the assumption that Western elite is troubled due to victory of Imran Khan. Probably it cannot digest an upright and popular leader from “third world”.  It is true that Imran khan neither mince words nor shy away from taking the Western powers to task for supporting ‘subservient’ corrupt political leaders, attempting regime changes in poor countries and their two-faced policies on “War on terror”, referring for example to drone strikes in Pakistan and the “lies and deception connecting Saddam to weapons of mass destruction.”.

In western mainstream media allegations of Pakistani defeated politicians against Imran Khan and Pakistan Army are being presented as undisputed facts with clearly known propaganda techniques. There is cherry-picking of sources who would provide one-sided view to further strengthen the propagandist narrative. It is a yellow journalism with a clear purpose.

Imran Khan is not against US or West. He only intends to negotiate on an equal footing of integrity and as per his mandate. He is a graduate of Oxford and has in-depth understanding of Islamic and Western civilization.  Imran Khan can truly serve a bridge between angry Muslim masses and the West. For many, Imran is a true role model for moderate Muslims.

I consider, Quad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Liaqat Ali Khan a freak of nature in the political history of Pakistan. They were extra ordinary trustworthy and selfless people and hence, truly incomparable and peerless till date. However, among the rest, Imran Khan is the most popular, honest and upright political leader of the Pakistan.

Politics in Pakistan is dirty and pointing fingers at others is the norm, yet the opposing political parties have not been able to find a single area in which Imran Khan misappropriated the funds or financially cheated others. When one reaches Imran Khan’s level of influence, one can only imagine the countless opportunities he must have had to enrich himself but, he did not.

Imran’s popularity, therefore, is not a cult in Pakistan but rather built on pure logic and solid ground.  Efficient and transparent management of accounts at Shaukat Khanum hospitals is an excellent precedence. Furthermore, Imran Khan has kept all his assets in Pakistan and is one of the first to openly declare his holdings. This is quite remarkable in Pakistan where most of the politicians, judges & even middle level bureaucrats have their properties abroad.

Imran Khan Victory speech has kindled hope among all segments of society. He has the correct focus on human development and institutions building. With a clear headed leader like Imran Khan, it is hoped that relationship between all institutions would improve and input from state institutions would be preferred over advises from ‘kitchen cabinet and sycophants’. Pakistan military would also be quite willing to support as it had been looking for the credible political leader who could fix economy so essential to upgrade defense armaments and win them over public backing in support of military operations.

Pakistan is ideological state and therefore, is intensely loved by some and hated by others abroad. Therefore, oversea Pakistanis are highly affected by the image of Pakistan which is generally not good. A big Pakistani diaspora all over the world including US and the West remains worried about Pakistan. The diaspora also financially support Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) and look upon Imran Khan as its last hope for improving Pakistan image by combating rampant corruption and financial mismanagement.

We in Pakistan can foretell an articulate, honest leader in the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly on 25 September 2018, sharing his thoughts on UN theme “Making the United Nations Relevant to All People.” All disadvantaged societies of the world shall be advocated and represented through Imran Khan of Pakistan.

Despite strong opposition from status quo forces, Imran khan is likely to sail through well. He is resilient and has strong fighting spirit.  The people of Pakistan attach high hopes from Imran Khan. Though, his challenges are many. Thankfully, he has clearly identified the priorities/roadmap.

Pakistan is a young country and human development is need of the hour. Youth needs to be educated, disciplined and skilled. Finance Minister like Asad Ummar, can integrate big data, improve governance and fix economy. It is also hoped that Imran would task best man to head foreign Ministry. As Pakistan has to balance relations with US, China and Russia, and win membership in nuclear supplier group. He has to address water shortages and negotiate peace with India over Kashmir, Siachin and Sir Creek.

 Imran Khan has the vision, charisma and drive to lead Pakistan. We wish him good luck.

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  1. Imran Dhillon Imran Dhillon August 13, 2018

    Hope for the best.

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