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To Develop Pakistani Youth, We Must..

Though we have recently celebrated 70th Independence Day of Pakistan; the country remains politically unstable and economically debt-ridden. Youth of Pakistan is anguished. The crises, the country faces today are multiple–ranging from a crisis of governance to insecurity and economy. Every day there is a maddening debate in the media about elite’s power struggle in the country, in which Pakistani youth is not interested. The civil and military leadership is also not on one page. The cumulative impact of these crises is uncertainty, instability and fear in the minds of Pakistani youth for their future.

The common people have very few expectations from the ruling elite and no faith in most of Pakistan’s institutions. Therefore,  it is apparent that we shall face a mass uprising from Pakistani youth sooner or later.  All the key pillars of the state to develop a clear vision for the future of Pakistan, failing which the country will continue to slide into political, social and economic chaos.

The Indian factor remained pronounced in damaging Pakistan economy and well being throughout. India seized a lot of Pakistani territory soon after independence. Rivers’ water blocked for Pakistan, Kashmir occupied. Indians forced Pakistan to spend huge money on wars and maintenance of armed forces. Pakistan was cut to size in 1971. India continued to threaten Pakistan militarily resultantly the Pakistani state started developing nuclear weapons; another disaster for economy. Hence, Pakistan could not allocate due resources for development of human resource i.e. Pakistani youth. Unfortunately, India is still busy misleading our youth in Balochistan and other areas.

Pakistan has lagged behind manifolds in comparison to other countries of the world. Therefore, Pakistan need to defeat subversion and sabotage through effective counterintelligence operations in the country. however, intelligence agencies should not harass any citizen or ‘inject patriotism’ in them rather continuously collect data and identify the misled/criminals through money trails. We quickly need to overcome hurdles in the development of Pakistani youth; our real asset.

The class-based education system needs to be abolished. A uniform educational curriculum at least for compulsory subjects is developed. Among Pakistani youth,  needy students are given government loans to study in good colleges and universities through merit in a transparent manner. Loans to be repaid once the Pakistani youth is employed; a practice being followed in many countries. The credibility of testing boards for all kind of exams and public service commission’s /induction and recruitment process has to be above board. Through this we shall eliminate bribes and nepotism and will make Pakistani certificates and courses credible and trustworthy.

The corruption in the public sector will have to be controlled, police reformed and judiciary expanded. The databases should be developed for key information about all the citizens. Existing limited tax base be broadened. The Pakistani youth should see it for itself that Pakistan is on the correct track and progressing.

With genuine land reforms and much higher investments in health, education and agriculture (especially basic food crops),  we can overcome the frustration of Pakistani youth and increasing poverty.

In short, a  new hope needs to be created in young minds to strengthen the state of Pakistan.

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