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Disconnect To Connect

Social media has definitely sidelined the electronic media exactly the way print media was marginalized by the electronic media a decade ago. Having an account on social media on any of the currently popular social networking sites is need of the present times. A person who is not on any of these networks might be considered incongruous. Having a social media account is as important as having a national identity card.

One can consider its importance by the fact that all leading companies, brands and food chains need to have a social media page to let their followers know about their latest products, deals or designs. If any of your favourite brand or company name is not on these networks, it is not considered worthy. If it is not regularly putting latest updates, it may not be a leading name.

The overall usage of these sites has grown to an abnormal level. One major factor is definitely smartphones which make it easier for a person to hold his own small world in his hands or pocket. This eventually means your online social world is just a click away. The icing on the cake is the facility of mobile internet network which is now cheaper and easily accessible with strong signals.

I remember those days when just simple (not smart) mobile phones were expensive and rare. Internet was only accessible on computers by then and that also with a connecting lead between telephone and computer. Ah! That may sound complicated in present times but at least life was not complicated and always connected to the internet then. Now we all are connected through social media almost 24/7 but disconnected in real life.

We may have 100s or 1000s of friends and acquaintances online but very few real friends we have in reality. We do find it easy to compliment or comment each other on social media but not in real life. It is very easy to wish someone his or her birthday on social media account but hardly anyone actually calls offline.

The worst part is that most of the people have stopped enjoying and savouring the precious moments and times in reality. All they want is to capture a beautiful photo of their food or place wherever they are and put some majestic filter and then upload that to social media. The unstoppable craze of taking daring selfies has already taken many lives all over the world but this insatiable appetite to get maximum applause and likes has overshadowed even the fear of death.

Social media is an addiction; though its consequences are entirely different to those experienced by substance addicts but the emotional and mental impacts are somehow similar. Our addiction is being hijacked by advertisers, brands, and political parties, ethnic and religious groups all over the world.

Most of the renowned celebrities all over the world are also on these social networking sites competing to get the maximum followers. In this race, every celebrity is putting their private life on these sites and that has already raised questions regarding the sanctity of private lives. We need to give credit to those celebrities who are not using these sites but still winning our hearts.

In today’s world, social media is definitely a necessity but it should never replace our real-life social relations. Currently, everyone is addicted though the extent varies from person to person. We all need to set priorities and set the task to get out of this addiction. The social media detox is as mandatory as the detox diets are. We need to respond offline in our real lives. Wishing a friend on his birthday on a phone call is definitely better than wishing him on his timeline.

Let’s make time to put the phone down, even dare to go outside without it and surprise our parents, relatives and close friends. Remember people in old times survived without it, even without phones. We can try surviving at least two hours without it and I am sure we all can.

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