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Doklam and Now Submarine Activity in Indian Ocean

Doklam; What next? Increased Submarine activity in the Indian Ocean!

The Doklam, as called in India or Donglang, as known in China, is the disputed area between Bhutan and China. It is approximately 89 square kilometers. In Jun 2017, Chinese started building a road to improve access for locals and military in the area. India which coercively controls foreign policy and defense of its smaller neighbor; Bhutan, got alarmed and sent its troops to stop Chinese construction work. Threats and hot words were exchanged at a diplomatic and military level.  At one point it appeared that war was imminent between China and India. However, after 70 days standoff at Doklam between China and India, it was resolved behind closed doors. Troops were withdrawn from border without many details. It is yet not known who blinked first.

Subsequent to a recent standoff with India, Chinese have started flexing their military mussels in the region more forcefully. There are pronounced reports that Chinese marine activities in the Indian Ocean have increased. Indians more jingoistic and confident under BJP govt. want to quickly match China in submarine activity.

The Arihant-class submarines,  nuclear powered and carry ballistic missiles were built under the Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV) a project of US. They were the first nuclear submarines built in India for Indian Navy and the first submarine was commissioned into the Indian Navy in August 2016. The submarine had serious manufacturing problems. Indians later started on work to improve the designs and reactor for subsequent submarines.

In December 2014, the work on a second nuclear reactor began and the second boat, INS Aridhaman is being prepared for sea trials. It was told that new boats would be capable of carrying 12 to 16 ballistic missiles. Indian engineers are not smart but more ambitious than Pakistanis. One of the Indian Ex-admiral claimed that in a newer version of a submarine they plan to carry the nuclear warhead. They want to develop a credible second strike capability against Pakistan and China. people of Pakistan have no problem if BJP led Indian govt destroys its economy like the Soviet Union but the problem is an accidental explosion of the submarine carrying a nuclear warhead.

Indians record of indigenous naval maintenance and development is quite poor particularly in case of submarines. The submarine, INS Sindhurakshak caught fire and exploded and sank on 14 August 2013 with the death of 18 crew members. Initially, the burden of the accident was attributed to poor Russian quality technology; manufacturing and maintenance, later faulty ammunition and lastly the fatigue of crew. However,  insiders say it was due to the fitting of Indian indigenous vital parts into the submarine.

I am just wondering the jingoistic nature of Modi and his newly appointed Defence Minister Ms Nirmala. What if they hastily launch INS Aridhaman!! Military Security Experts should fear less for devastating North Korean nuclear attacks and more from Indians nuclear submarines, particularly the one in the pipeline.

‘Indian make’ nuclear submarine with nuclear warhead onboard! It is dangerous.

Five Bodies Recovered From Sunken INS Sindhurakshak Submarine
Indian Submarine exploded and sunk. (Aug 2014)

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