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Faizabad Sit In – A Neutral Perspective

As the Faizabad sit in seems to be nearing an end, it leaves many questions in its wake. The chequered history of Pakistan has witnessed yet another event where its rulers were almost overtaken by events and took the corrective action only at an eleventh hour. From a neutral perspective, following questions come to the mind.

Who were the powerful individuals in the inner circle of PML (N) Govt who initiated this amendment to the Kahtm-e- Nabuwat clause? Why did they feel the need to temper with this most sensitive and long settled issue in the first place?

Why was the main character in the entire issue not made to resign early on as this would have prevented the entire story from unfolding the way it did?

As is the wont in Pakistan, there is little chance that answers would ever be found to these questions. However, having said that, let us now take an optimistic view of the entire saga as it has concluded without turning into a national catastrophe.

One must appreciate that the sanity prevailed and the issue has been resolved amicably.  Any egoistic or naïve handling of the situation would have surely turned it into a tragedy of mass proportions.  The point would certainly be missed here if the laudable role of armed forces is not highlighted. As had been amply reflected, employment of any number of police or paramilitary troops was only complicating the worsening situation. It was only after a cool-headed huddle between the Army Chief and the PM that the right chords were struck. The mature and patriotic role of the armed forces bore fruit and an agreement has finally taken place between the sit-in protesters and the government as a result of which the matter seems resolved. As the nation held its breath for two weeks suffering through uncertainty and apprehension, people have now heaved a sigh of relief. There are a number of factors to be thankful for. Some of these are:-

  • In its last two days, the situation had begun to spiral out of control at a seemingly exponential pace. The timely resolution of the matter has certainly put a brake on that dreaded chain reaction.
  • As the spirit of protests spilled over to the other cities of Pakistan, there was a real danger of this turning into a full-fledged national movement. For a country like ours which is already facing a host of grave issues, internal and external simultaneously, this would have spelt serious trouble being religious in nature.
  • The forces conspiring against Pakistan would have been too pleased and eager to take further advantage of an already precarious situation.
  • With the events unfolding at a fast pace, it would have been impossible to control the ensuing chaos.

As the dust settles, Pakistan must take stock of the dire challenges confronting it. To name few of these, our economy is in doldrums and country is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. All state institutions warrant a thorough revamp to save them from the monsters of inefficiency and corruption. Let us, as a nation rise to the occasion and contribute to making Pakistan a great nation in the comity of nations, as was envisioned by our great founding fathers.


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  1. Maleeha Maleeha November 29, 2017

    In the wake of Faizabad Sit-in, International affairs writes like Farhan Bukhari, Salman Masood, Ayaz Gul and Ayesha Siddiqa who invariably try to add a negative twist while reporting anything and everything on Pakistan, have found another opportunity to malign Pakistan army and tarnish its image. This media onslaught from the so-called liberals actually foreign encouraged elements are likely to continue for quite some time. Their focus remains on the towing the line of anti-Pak army elements. They will continue to further their agenda as follows.
    a. The resolution of sit-in has added to army image and weakened the Civil govt in Pakistan.
    b. The army patronizes the religious hardliners in Pakistan.
    c. Pakistan is increasingly becoming an unstable country.
    By the grace of God Pakistan will thrive because people have developed hope in Judiciary and armed forces.

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