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Flared Nation By Asif Khan Niazi

Donald Trump’s undiplomatic language in his unethical speech on the eve of a rally on 22 Aug 2017 stirred the political situation in the south Asian region. We extremely feel sorry for the Americans to have elected a President whose IQ is not worthy of the portfolio he holds; who has been and probably still is a low rated gambler at WWE; who can’t see beyond a currency note and can rightly be called as ‘Dollar Trump’; whose character is reflected by the dresses and the profession/passions of his first lady; who imitates to be a joker of a circus; whose views about the women folk are ridiculous and disgusting; and finally, who is a real test of the world patience in general and the American public in particular. He has flared the Pakistani nation.

Up and down, rise and fall, dusk and dawn, delight and gloom are the idiomatic expressions that constantly follow each other without fail. Americans, although a deserving nation to be a superpower have probably reached their climax and nature has to take its own course. Like many dynasties of the past, American will have to meet their fate. Who knew that the nation of Alexander will be restricted to a corner of the Mediterranean, the Muslim Caliphate will be a saga of the past, Great Britain on whose territory the sun never set will be an island across the English channel, the proud Fatherland will be ashamed of his legacy, the Soviet iron curtain will fall on its own economy.

Nations are never great due to their economy or arsenals or manpower or even land mass; rather, they are called to be great due to their character, courage, social justice, unity, and discipline. These are the yardsticks that the Trump is a novice of. He is pursuing the slogans of his election campaign to teach us the lessons to have a safe stay in Afghanistan. He by virtue of his above-stated peculiarities will never understand that to teach a lesson, you need to learn a lesson first. And the lesson of the history is that Afghanistan has never been ruled by outsiders; it has never been subjugated by the aggressors. The nation of ‘Hindu Kush’ can never be ruled by a Hindu puppet.

Like ‘weapons of mass destruction’, ‘war on terror’ is another buzz word that the US-led so-called civilized world is using to fulfill their ulterior designs. These designs/ motives are clearly defined by these powers; like preventing China to enter gulf via CPEC, disrupt the ambitious idea of ‘One belt on road’, ensure the encirclement of China to cut his trade, plunder the mineral-rich central Asia.

Pakistan is a blessed state. It is an act of God Almighty that came into being on the most blessed night of the Muslim’s year. People are astonished to see the geography of this blessed land; hence, they call it hinge of the populated world. Pakistan is not a secluded frozen land like Iceland, Scandinavia or Antarctica, it is not an islet-like Fiji, Sri Lanka, Maldives or even Britain, it is not a barren land like Mongolia, Western Sahara, Ethiopia or Somalia. It is a nation of over 20 million conscious souls inhabited in an area of about 800000 square kilometers. Geographers will bear me out if I call it a barrier between east and the west, north, and south. It is gateway to Central Asia having 70% of the world’s natural gas resources, an outpost on the oil-rich gulf, centre point between the scientifically developed western world and the densely populated east, keeps 60% of world total population in its immediate neighborhood, the only nuclear/missile state of the Muslim world, having four seasons and their flora/fauna, blessed with almost all kinds of landscapes and last but not the least, has a flared nation with an excellent IQ level that can surprise the world at any time they want.
Pakistan is passing through the vacuum of leadership; we need a leader who can unite us into a true Muslim brotherhood which is the essence of our religion, the one who can revive the renaissance of the Muslim’s glory; who is truthful, upright, courageous and resilient; who can cure the wounds of our souls like a Masaya and who can lead us out of these ordeals. The leader who can make us stand and face the monkeys like Trump, Bush, and Blair. The one who can establish and strengthen the institutions; who is a citadel for his Generals to derive courage from; a beacon for his diplomats to derive vision/wisdom so that they can envisage the center of gravity/ sensitivity of the country they are posted to; a role model for all the segments of the society to teach them the lessons of humanity, honesty, hard work, and compassion.

Let’s educate our people and equip our masses with an analytical instinct to elect a leader who can steer this bewildering nation to the zenith of prosperity.

The End

Author hails from semi-tribal areas of Pakistan and has an excellent understanding of tribal areas (FATA) Pakistan and Afghanistan. He is MS in Leadership and Management Studies and freelance writer. He can be reached at:


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