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Hello to All the Introverts

Hello to All the Introverts 

By Mehwish Munir**

Looking  to the floor and mumbling,

To the walls, she can perfectly look for hours

She is a writer, not a talker

A silent but perfect spoken,

Though she knows it all,

But not a smarty-pants like him

She isn’t a lonely soul,

Nor a social butterfly like few

She is a midway between these two

This poem has no rhythm and doesn’t rhyme!

I know, you pretend to not interpret

I can’t do better to make you understand

As it is offensive to extroverts?

Hello to all the introverts out there

People think you are so much quiet

Despite hidden  treasures deep down your smiles,

And secret stories that shine in  sparkling eyes

Which you have chosen to share with  worthy few

** Mehwish Munir is a student of Quad e Azam University, Islamabad

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