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Hot Articles of The Week- Executive Summary


  • Lockdown Can’t Last Forever. Here’s How to Lift It. (New York Times)  Lockdowns, quarantines and extreme forms of physical distancing work: They are curbing the spread of Covid-19. But they cannot last indefinitely, at least not without causing enormous damage to economies and compromising peoples’ good will and emotional well-being. Therefore, we need to hit and release the brakes on physical distancing, again and again, until we safely get to immunity. My Comments: Excellent article. Recommended for full reading

  • How the United States Should Deal With China in Pakistan by Daniel Markey (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace). A long report, says “U.S. diplomats are correct to sense that audiences in Pakistan are now more sensitive to the limitations of partnership with China than they were in the recent past. Therefore, future phases of CPEC are likely to be more fraught with difficulty than was the first.” The report further claims that “The United States has little to lose from new Pakistani roads, power plants, or railways. Even a new Chinese-built port at Gwadar is unlikely to deliver significant strategic advantage to China in the near term. However, where Chinese involvement in Pakistan’s telecommunications, security, and defense technologies tilts the balance toward repressive, illiberal rule and regional instability, U.S. policymakers should take action.”  My Comments: One of the top US Think Tank evaluates Pakistan relations with China and prospects of the US pulling Pakistan out of this relationship. The author sees a lot of scope for slowing down CPEC and preventing Pakistan to ‘disturb’ balance of power with India. The author suggests more scholarships for Pakistani students in the US and warns that danger lies in socio-economic and technical collaboration between China-Pakistan rather than infrastructural development.

  • Omar Sheikh was let go because someone in Pakistan wanted him freed, like mentor Masood Azhar by Ayesha Siddiqa (The Print) “Sheikh grew close to both al-Qaeda (AQ) and Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM). In fact, JeM was never too distant from al-Qaeda. I remember being told in 2001 by several police officials and even JeM members in Bahawalpur that Osama bin Laden had invested in JeM. Interestingly, JeM was also close to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) that was keen to separate the bulk of Punjabi militants from Hizbul-Mujahideen (HuM) to create another militant outfit to fight at other fronts.”  My Comments: The author,  Ayesha Siddiqa says Omar Sheikh worked for ISI and the agency sponsored his recent release by Sindh High court during the time of coronavirus pandemic, but the US took notice. She also points out that the case has been deliberately weakened. The ‘lady’ is discretely taking credit for alerting the US administration in regards to the development with Omar Sheikh and suggests exerting more pressure on the Pakistan govt.

  • India’s Hybrid / Cyber threats and its regional implications By Basma Khalil (Modern Diplomacy)  “One can observe the evident growth of hybrid warfare in the Indian strategy of pressuring Pakistan through media, subversion, cyber warfare and diplomatic maneuvers aimed at its isolation. Doval doctrine is built on five major fronts to achieve the “3D Objectives”. 3D indicates the Destabilization, Demoralization and Disintegration of Pakistan.”  My Comments: An excellent opinion article, explains the Indian hybrid warfare launched against Pakistan in a superb manner. It is recommended for full reading.

  • Sajid Baloch: Fears grow for Pakistani journalist missing in Sweden (DW)  “Rights groups have accused the Pakistani government, including the army and intelligence agencies, of human rights violations and enforced disappearances. Thousands, including political activists, have been missing for years.”  My Comments: DW is fully involved in furthering anti-Pakistan narratives.

  • Pakistan’s real ‘mafia godfathers’ Imad Zafar (Asia Times)  “After all, if Imran Khan’s government is marred with corruption charges, the ultimate beneficiary is the establishment, as now the weak prime minister cannot dare think about cutting defense spending. As well, Khan has been given a harsh reminder that he remains only a puppet, and this scandal is a kind of punishment for his unwillingness to go for a nationwide lockdown to slow the spread of Covid-19 despite the establishment being in favor of it.”       My Comments: It is sponsored content. The author appears to be on the paid list of PML (N)

  • India says it will ship hydroxychloroquine to U.S. after Trump threatens retaliation: (Social Media-Twitter)

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