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How to clear ISSB easily – Psychologist Interview

How to clear ISSB easily –Psychologist Interview

In this post ” How to clear ISSB easily – Psychologist Interview “, I will be telling you some golden tips which would surely increase 70% of your ISSB clearance chances and not just clearance; getting you a “Recommended Letter” with flying colours.

Please refer to my first post before viewing this one so you may get everything crystal clear.  Please click on this link,

How to clear ISSB easily-Part One

How to clear ISSB easily
How to clear ISSB easily

First of all, I want you to know that Psychologist and Deputy President are very friendly people. They make use of the fact that “If you want to extract the pure truth from somebody, make him your best friend”. They make you think that they are your best friend who will help you anywhere if you are stranded in difficulties. Well, they aren’t your best friends. Keep that in mind.

The psychologist has already made a clear image of you even before you give them the interview. He has already observed you from your personality tests. He just wants to confirm the image he has created of you. The interviews, either it maybe Psychologist interview or Deputy President interview, It rarely lasts for 15 minutes. It is of 7-8 minutes normally and when you are in his room, time flies.

***** Psychologist is not your best friend. He behaves in a manner which makes you believe he is, But he isn’t*****


Dressing plays an important role in an interview. Almost 80%, you are judged by the way of your walking, standing and dressing. How you open the door, They way you look into Psychologist eyes, and the way you give him a neat smile to start the discussion. Don’t forget the tie clip and its always better to pin a small Pakistani flag on the suit. 

Your suit must have a good fitting. Your shoulders should be smooth. The length of your suit arms and your pants should be perfect with your physique.

How to clear ISSB easily
How to clear ISSB easily – Psychologist Interview

The Red Light Game: 

Before entering into deputy president or psychologist interviews, You will be seated outside his office while the candidate before you is being interviewed. After the candidate has given his interview, the psychologist or the deputy president will blink a red bulb for 1-2 seconds located outside his office above you. You don’t have to miss that signal to come in. If you miss that signal, it will show your carelessness and lack of awareness. Ultimately it will have a negative impact on your interview.

The psychologist and deputy president use this trick to resist the candidate from memorising introductions or answers to questions. Just Relax!

Some common Psychologist Interview Questions and their Answers

Q. Why do you want to join Pakistan Army, Pakistan Airforce or Pakistan Navy? (whichever armed force you are applying for) –Most important question and is asked repeatedly. 

A. Sir, I want to join Pakistan Army because I have seen its disciplined and honourable life. Moreover, The pride my father took when he put on the uniform of Pakistan Army and the way he talked with grace, I also want to acquire these personality traits. Moreover, Army life values time which I admire the most. These qualities are not usually found in civil life.

Q. What if I send you to Pakistan Airforce or Pakistan Navy? (I was applying for Pakistan Army)?

A. The thing which you should understand here that they trick your brain to make you think that this is going to happen. Nobody can throw you in any armed forces without your approval. My answer to this question was ” Yes Sir!, I will love to join Pakistan Airforce and Pakistan Navy. And Sir, If you will send me to Pakistan Airforce, Do send me in GD(P), I love jets.

Q. What will you do if your parents ask you to quit forces/ not join/ quit in wartime?

A. I think the most appropriate answer to this question is that “Sir, My parents have supported and motivated me to join Pakistan Armed Forces and I doubt they will discourage me to pursue this career in any stage of my life. If they will say me to leave Armed forces I will leave it if they give me a genuine reason. Similarly, in wartime, Sir it is not appropriate to leave your own motherland in case of any difficulty when it has given you so much. So I will stand by my motherland in every crisis.

NOTE: ISSB Psychologist, Deputy President and GTO are all human beings and naturally every father likes to have an obedient son. Obedience is a quality they are looking for in a candidate. If someone doesn’t obey his/her parents, How would he obey someone else’s orders? Show the quality of obedience.

Q. What would you do If  I give you 10 million (1 crore) rupees?
Every person has its own answer about this. This question is one of the easiest one. Don’t go for cars, houses and other materialistic things which show your negative personality traits. Some people say, they will donate. You must have a sound knowledge of the place and the person you wish to donate the money to.

(My Answer) : I told them, my dad, always longed for a car  (Land Cruiser), So I will buy him one. And he counter questioned me, “Do you know about the price of Land Cruiser” I told him.

Q. What will you do if you are “Not Recommended”? / Which career to opt for?

Q. Psychologist will ask you which chest number was the best in your group?

A: Be honest about this question, Don’t led down anybody. Your vote will reflect your choice of candidate. If you vote for a candidate who has shown a poor performance, your self-image will be damaged. Don’t keep grudges on anybody and appreciate whosoever is the best among you. When you tell which chest number was the best in your group, remember to tell the reason too, Like he knows How to tackle the problems quickly, he is intelligent, he is strong, he is quick in response. This will show that you are attracted by these great qualities.

Q. Private Life Questions such as Girlfriends etc question are compulsory. Be prepared to face them.

Q. Questions about Smoking.

Q. He will ask you if there needs to be any improvement in the ISSB procedures or system?
A: Don’t point out mistakes/ inconvenience you had during your ISSB stay, rather say everything was great. It was a unique experience. I don’t see the need for any change. You people are expert in these things. You would be knowing better than us. ( I said that)

Q. Questions about your favourite personality? Each and everything about him/her?

A: The easiest way to tackle this question is to make your brother/ father / elder sister your ideal personality. Because only in this world, you know the most about them and the psychologist knows nothing about him/her. You can trick him by making them an ideal personality. Make sure those ideal attributes which you tell the interviewer, they must be inclined towards optimism, determination, sharp skills, good in negotiation, caring etc.

Q. Your favourite actress from movies? what do you like about her?

Q. What are your highest goals in your life?

Q: The Best thing about ISSB? The worst thing about it?

Leave a comment if you need to know something or know any answer regarding any question. 

Keep yourself updated to get tips about Deputy President Interview and How to give personality tests effectively!






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