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How to clear ISSB easily

How to clear ISSB easily –First GTO Day

Are you ready for your ISSB tests?  Still preparing for ISSB? Have you received your ISSB instructions letter and are a bit worried about ISSB test? Say “No More”. In this post ” How to clear ISSB easily “, I will be telling you some golden tips which would surely increase 70% of your ISSB clearance chances and not just clearance; getting you a “Recommended Letter” with flying colours. Many people asked me about ISSB tips so I decided to write a post for everyone!

Please share this post with others fellows out there to ease them with their tensions.

How to clear ISSB easily
How to clear ISSB easily

Thanks to Allah Almighty, I received my “Recommendation Letter” and when my dad asked about my status through a clerk from GHQ, I was “Strongly Recommended”. I went to ISSB Kohat on 11-15 January 2018. I was from the first batch. I applied for 141 PMA Long Course but it doesn’t matter which course you are applying for, ISSB remains the same as it has been for the past 5-10 years.

First of all, before starting anything, I want you to realize that ISSB IS NOT A GENERAL KNOWLEDGE TEST, NOR IT IS A FSC OR MATRIC TEST, NOR A TOTAL PHYSICAL TEST.  ISSB is a “GENERAL ABILITY” test. By GENERAL ABILITY, I mean your aptitude, your mental and physical ability to tackle a situation. Of course you can’t create this ability merely in one day or one week. It is a summary of all your life. But Yeah, YOU CAN TRICK THEM BY USING THESE TIPS!


Straightly going to your first GTO day which is your second day after arrival (because on the first day there would be a lot of form filling). The real game starts on the 2nd Day.

After making a random group of about 10-11 boys, GTO will take you to a room.

******** IMPORTANT ********

THE GROUP NAME LETTER GAME: Firstly, the GTO will assign your group a name for example group A, Group B, Group C…  He will say that tell me a word which starts from A, B or C (whatever your Group name is). Mine was Group C and I told him the word “Charming”. Doesn’t matter if you repeat the word. One of the boy also said charming and I couldn’t think of any other great word so I also repeated.

Some words are: A for Amazing, Awesome, Alpha, B for Best, Bravo, Brave, C for Charlie, Charming, Charm, Delta, Distinction, E for Extraordinary, Exemplary etc. Keep in mind some of them.

Your first task would be group discussion. This is it! This is your SELF IMAGE BUILDING task. GTO will give you a topic such as “What are the contributions of youth in building Pakistan better”. Don’t worry about English, for everyone ease GTO will tell you everything in Urdu.

When your group discussion starts, it is better to first give an introduction to the topic presented to you. Try to take the initiative. But remember, don’t speak too much and don’t speak too less. You have to maintain a balance. Things to remember are:

  1. You must become a leader by yourself. If you see that one of your group members is not getting a chance to speak or if someone isn’t speaking, you must say to the group “Group mates! Group mates! Chest No. 1 (example) ke bhi khaylat sun letay hain” ya “Chest No.1 ap bhe kuch kehna chaho gay? Ya Chest no.1 ap ke is baray mein kya raye hai”. You must be aware of the one who hasn’t spoken yet. Give everybody a chance.
  2. Don’t say “Bismillah” or “Jaisa kay Chest no.1 ya chest no.2 nay kaha hai” everytime. Don’t use these phrases too much.
  3. Never led down anyone. NEVER EVER! If someone speaks a bullshit which doesn’t even have anything related to the topic, just say, “Zabardast, Yeh bhe apnay acha pehlo biyan kiya hai, leken mein samjhta hun…..



After you have made a general view of yourself, the second thing in “BUILDING SELF IMAGE” would be your lecture. It is not compulsory to give the lecture in English or Urdu. You can use any of the languages. I gave my lecture in Urdu with some words in English. But I will prefer you to be purely Urdu because there would be some people in your group who are from backward areas. You have to present yourself to those guys as well. Remember “A great leader speaks the language of a common man”. Avoid talking in English too much.

Some Lecture topics are following:

  1. Mulk kay liye Democracy behtar hai ya Marshal Law? (My Topic) (I went totally for Democracy)
  2. Kya Ghareeb Insan Pakistan mein Taraqi kar sakta hai?
  3. Nojawano ko mulk ke behtari kay liye kya karna chahiye?
  4. Kya Education he har cheez ka hal hai?

Tips for lecture:

  1. Use your both hands while giving your lecture (MUST). Don’t put them in pocket.
  2. Don’t shiver.Don’t shiver your legs. Shivering won’t help you in your test. Don’t panic. Be brave; Try to give lectures in your home to get used to.
  3. It is better to say, “Any Questions?” in the end. Then say Thank You 🙂
  4. Before starting of the lectures, GTO will ask about the current situation in the country. Get some information about what has happened on that day or what is happening.


After your group discussion and individual lecture, The GTO will show you a model and will tell you that you have 10 minutes to make a group plan of that model. He will give you 2-3 objectives which you have to achieve. Firstly I will tell you about my experience then I will give you the tips. What actually happened in our group planning was that the GTO gave 2-3 objectives to our group. Naturally, everybody started to give his own ideas about the objectives which were to be completed and time ran out. One person has to give the final group plan to the GTO. The GTO does a voting. Majority of the candidates voted for me and I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE FINAL PLAN WAS BECAUSE WE DIDN’T MAKE ONE. I was a bit confused. The GTO gave me a stick and told me to tell him the final solution to the group plan. The whole group was dependant on me. I was confused yet I was confident that majority voted for me and it was a good thing. I tried to make a plan but failed to do so. GTO told me that your leader has failed your group plan. I was embarrassed because I led my group down but yeah I knew nothing happens if you fail one thing.

Tips to remember:

  1. One of the best things which I realized later was if your group gets split up to the number of objectives and all those “small groups” present their solution to the objectives. Then combine the objectives. Hurrah! You can do the group planning easily!
  2. Doesn’t matter if the group planning fails. Sometimes those models are very hard. Your approach to the objectives count.
  3. Prioritise the objectives, if an enemy is going to attack a certain place, make it as the first priority to achieve. Tell the group that Life is more important to save and your land is more important to protect. “Speak this sentence to show your love for your motherland”


One of the best tips for everyone who is giving ISSB is “If you want to get yourself “Recommended”, help others to get Recommended” Strange? Isn’t it. But remember the wordings from the Introduction of ISSB. The officers of ISSB are not bound to select some specific number of candidates from a batch or a group. They can select all the candidates from the group and they can reject all the candidates from the group or even the whole batch. Try to fix this thing in your brain, “YOUR COMPETITION IS WITH YOURSELF AND NOT WITH THE OTHERS”. Help others and you will be automatically selected.

Tips for GTO Tasks:

  1. It is not necessary to complete these tasks. BELIEVE IN ME, OUR GROUP DIDN’T EVEN COMPLETE ANY OF THE TASK, ANY COMMAND TASK NOR ANY GROUP TASK OR ANY HALF GROUP TASK. We didn’t complete anything. Your way of handling and group skills matters the most.
  2. GTO tasks consist of many tasks i.e. Full Group Task, Half Group Task, Command Task, Progressive Group Task.
  3. The most important thing in a group task is give maximum help to others especially in full group task and half group task. By maximum help I mean be quick in giving or taking the planks and drums and show quickness in making plans.
  4. If you have an idea, don’t go for it by yourself. You have to take your group along too. Share your idea with your group and tell them if they would do that. Don’t say, “yehe karna hai, Aghar yeh na kiya tu mein nahe kar raha kuch, Yeh lazmi yunh hoga” instead say that “Boys, Aghar hum isko yunh karlein, Kya kehtay ho? Yunh easy lag raha hai jaldi ho jaye ga SAB EASILY PONCH JAIN GE. Try to use the words HUM SAB, PORA GROUP, SAB LARKAY instead of MEIN YUNH KARTA HUN, MEIN YEH KARLETA HUN.
  5. If your group wins, You win.
  6. In Command Task, I am saying PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Don’t led down anybody. Don’t be a cruel leader and don’t think only for yourself. Group is important. Group skills are being seen. Don’t say anything to anybody which might hurt him.
  7. THE GTO will give sarcastic remarks on one of the candidate and will see who else smiles or laughs on those sarcastic remarks. DON’T LAUGH! DON’T SMILE. It will ruin your ISSB. Instead think that he is your group mate and if he is getting that remarks, your group is not doing well.



The best way to do a command task is to GO FIRST, then tell others to come. Wait in the middle and let the whole group cross the finishing line and then you will come in the LAST!

  1. Don’t laugh at somebody’s plan. DON’T!
  2. Give Genuine reasons to other leaders (Raise your hand and say, Sir May I tell you a plan?) (I gave so many advises to others that my GTO asked me whether I was the commander? )
  3. Help other leaders to complete their task even if your task isn’t completed. BECAUSE YOU ARE COMPETING WITH YOUR OWN SELF AND NOT WITH THE OTHERS. It will increase your chances of getting recommended if you help others. Nobody can snatch your recommendation seat.
  4. Reach out fully while giving help, Hold others for support. Reach out your full arm’s length to support others while crossing, jumping. Hold the planks tightly when someone is climbing it.
  5. If Rope and two planks are given to. Tie those two planks and make one long plank!

***** IMPORTANT *****

While in Half Group task, Full group task and EVEN IN COMMAND TASK, I made a bridge out of my body by laying on drums and said to my group members to walk over me and reach the finish line. But the GTO said to me “you shouldn’t do anything which might harm yourself” which I believe shows my sense of sacrifice for my teammates. Do it once 😉 Make a bridge of yourself.


The secret which I finally found about the Progressive Group Task which I am 100% sure works is that in Progressive Group Task (It is the last task), everybody shows how much help they really are. LET ME TELL YOU HOW!?

It would be the longest and the biggest task. But don’t worry J this will be completed most quickly! The GTO will allow walking on the ground (which is “Not Allowed” area) for 4-5 seconds. GTO will make the ground inbound for “ODD” Chest Numbers (1,3,5,7,9,11) or “EVEN” Chest Numbers (2,4,6,8,10).



REMEMBER ONE THING. You can even pick up the Drum or your teammate. But give priority to Human instead of the materials! You don’t have to show yourself to be materialistic.

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  1. Bahram Khan Bahram Khan December 5, 2019

    Oh! Really very helpful, now on the way, I have read what a good effort, to kohat ISSB center. Insha Allah this will help me for recommendation.

  2. Atif Ali Sandhu Atif Ali Sandhu August 20, 2019

    Excellent Guidance and i WILL try my best to apply all these tricks during my ISSB INSHALLAH

  3. Narmeen Narmeen July 1, 2018

    Hi…thanks for such great tips.
    I will be going kohat on 8july for ISSB.
    But i wanted to know if group discussion will be on day 2 then when will be the intelligence and mechanicL aptitude test?

  4. Hamza Hamza April 1, 2018

    Thank you so much

  5. Umair Umair March 23, 2018

    Very interesting but half advice please write the full advice by writing remaining topics.

  6. Haider Haider March 21, 2018

    Great job
    Keep it up

  7. M Abuzar M Abuzar March 21, 2018

    Plzzz carry on bro.. Its helpfull

    • Salman Raza Salman Raza June 15, 2020

      appreciate it it LarKy..the guidance was fantastic.

  8. Muhammad Abrar Ahmad Tariq Muhammad Abrar Ahmad Tariq March 20, 2018

    Yes share the Interview tips and experince also please…i was also your batch mate in kohat from 11 to 15 january…u can also contact me on whatsapp

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