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Is Pakistani Youth Worth Appreciating?

Is Pakistani youth worth appreciating? I think, no.
Youth under the age of 25 years constitutes 63% of total population of Pakistan. Yet, there is a no worthwhile input from youth in the betterment of society. In the current circumstances, Pakistan is facing a lot of serious issues such as terrorism, target killings, economic crises, disharmony and disunity among its masses. In such odious circumstances, it is upon our youth to provide the ray of hope for our beloved country. However, there are no visible signs of optimism.
One of the most important problems in Pakistan is the lack of leadership. It can be easily observed that our politicians lack patriotism. They lack the vision of Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam. Instead of being the servants of the people, they can go to any extent to reach for the power position. Although our politicians lack the essential qualities of leading and craving a path towards a better Pakistan, yet all blame cannot and shouldn’t be put on them or on the system. These politicians are from amongst us. They are also selected by us and system of selection has also been crafted by our elders. If our people and especially youth are incapable of selecting right people as their representatives so how they can enjoy their rights?

The problem lies in the fact that we grow our generations by just making their minds to get a good job. Our youth is more of a grade conscious careerist instead of having innovative ideas. To become a valuable resource for the country, as the youth of Allama Iqbal, we are lacking something crucial here. Yes, our youth lack critical thinking. Our youth cannot identify weakness in the existing system, procedures or in a philosophy. And if we can’t choose a right representative for us, how can we distinguish our real friend or foe in the international world.

In order to ensure excellent grooming of the youth of Pakistan, we should redefine our system of education. The solution is to put emphasis on mental grooming of our future generations. It is now onto our society to demand the building of better schools and colleges in the urban and in the rural areas to provide quality education.
The people should demand massive investment from govt in the education sector. Low-quality private schools should be closed. Teachers salaries should be very attractive so that qualified and learned people opt for education. Government schools should be fully furnished with all facilities. Merit-based scholarship should be enormous and easy to obtain. Private schools and colleges should be asked to allocate 10% seats for bright but poor students.
A council should be appointed that must ensure good wages and good working environment so as to attract the leading intellectuals to work in the education sector and create the curriculum as well as the guidelines for the mental development of the youth of Pakistan. Critical Thinkers and eagle-eyed philosophers should be invited from all over the world to develop proper curriculum to produce fearless and honest future leaders of Pakistan.
In this way, we might groom our youth who have the courage to stand against evil practices. At the moment our youth is visionless and timid and there is a no hope for better future. It is my frank and candid opinion. Hope it will be read in correct perspective.

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  1. Humera Humera November 16, 2017

    your opinion towards Pakistani youth is very pessimistic. on which criteria are you judging them? has anybody ever defined a standard? if u compare one group with the other, there ought to be similar conditions. the situation Pakistan faces is unlike any progressed European or American country. here in Pakistan, we are fighting with terrorism. each one of us. elders and youth alike. but we are not afraid. we are hopeful. we still look towards a brighter future. we are functioning well in circumstances which would have threatened and stunned the youth of any western nation.

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