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Kashmir Is Calling; Can You Hear

 By Sumia Fatima*

“The believers, in their mutual love, compassion and sympathy are like a single body. If one of its organs suffers, the whole body responds to it with sleeplessness and fever.” Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

Islam, demands love for humanity and unity amongst its followers. Unfortunately, the recent developments of U.A.E. paint a completely different picture of Muslim Unity.

Muhammad bin Zayed is seen presenting “Order of Zayed” (the country’s highest civilian award) to Indian Prime Minister Modi for promoting friendship and cooperation at a time when eight million innocents Muslims of Kashmiris are under complete curfew and locked down.

The U.A.E.’s ambassador to India, Ahmed al Banna, has told the Dubai-based newspaper Gulf News that the situation in Kashmir is an “internal matter, and it would improve social justice and security … and further stability and peace.” Nothing could be more untrue than this.

These incidents have shown that Muslims are weak and exhausted. They cannot stand for weak and oppressed. Nor even for their fellow religious groups like Kashmir, Palestine and Rohingya.

U.A.E.’s Foreign Minister Sheikh, Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the current chair of the session and the host of the event of the O.I.C. had invited India to be the guest of honour in the plenary session on March 1, 2019, the first-ever incident of its kind since O.I.C.’s inception in 1969.

Kashmir is bleeding. The white snowy peaks of Himalaya have turned red with the blood of Kashmiris. It is under a sweeping military curfew. Thousands have been arrested, and all communication has been cut off. Morality and humanity are nowhere to be found, and the Muslims countries are  “monitoring the situation in

Kashmiri mourning their loved ones

Kashmir”. Only Turkey and some clerical figures in Iran have openly condemned India’s brutal and oppressive acts. Arab countries not only remain mute but also, the Gulf Cooperation Council (G.C.C.) member-states have taken ‘pro-India’ stances on the escalating crisis in Kashmir.

Lately, Saudi Arabia’s oil giant, Saudi Aramco, announced its plans for a $15 billion investment in Reliance Industries, a Mumbai-based multinational conglomerate. This deal will enable Saudi Aramco buying 20 per cent of Reliance Industries’ oil business.

It is utterly embarrassing that Muslims have traded their priceless fraternity for worldly dollar-bills. Such a condition of Muslims is disturbing, deserving to be mourned upon.

Had the Muslims been united, they would not have reached the state in which the Kashmiris are.

In Kashmir, the sons being blinded and killed, daughters being harassed, mothers weeping over in utter helplessness and fathers are shouldering the coffins of their loved ones.

Oh, Muslims! You are breathing but not alive. What is left in us is only an atom bit of faith in our stained hearts. Let’s revive our faith and fulfil the promise we made to Allah and our Prophet (S.A.W.)  We must remain United and steadfast on the path of Islam. It is time to wake up and support the people of Kashmir in a meaningful manner.


OSlumbering Muslim, arouse,

 you be dynamic too

Lo! The Horizon is aglow;

you spur into action.

(Iqbal; the Poet of the East)

*The author is a student of  MBBS at Rawalpindi Medical University, Pakistan


  1. Asad Asad August 28, 2019

    I appreciate your emotions and have real sympathy with suffering Muslims all over the world, especially Kashmir; however, our expectations are wrong. Nothing is working on the concept of Ummah. So expecting much based on Ummah slogan is equivalent to fooling yourself.
    Second: our economy is not good. Nevertheless, We will have to face it on our own.
    ہے جرم؛ ضغیفی کی سزا، مرگ مفاجات

    • Atta Rasool Malik Atta Rasool Malik August 29, 2019

      Thank you for your frank opinion. The Concept of the ummah is not given by MBZ of UAE. It is the command by our prophet Hazrat Muhammad for all Muslims to be united.
      Please don’t get disappointed by the action of a few rich countries who prefer business concerns over ethic, humanity and Muslims fraternity. Kashmir will unite entire Muslim world sooner or later.

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