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“Let’s choose the best”

By Sidra Ashraf**

Election Day approaching


Elections??? Yeah, election…

It’s time when…

Politician slogans surround us…

I have so much to offer

I am the best, I am a star,

That’s the slogan of every political party right now!!!

Campaigns on action mode…

Channels’ are on bulletin mode…

And we are “on wondering mode”

Who will be our next Prime Minister?

But wait!!!

You know “You have a power”


Yes, the Power of vote

You can select and bring the positive change


A vote is a privilege; responsibility and trust

Your vote matters

Think for a while!!!!

Dream, fantasies and idealize

Vote for better Pakistan

Future of your children depends on vote!!!

It is a matter of leaving the bed

And going to the polls

A ballot paper and putting hard a stamp

Let’s go to the poll, let’s go to the votes,

Let’s choose the best!!!

**  Miss Sidra Ashraf is a student of,  Pharmacy Department,   Quad-e-Azam University, Islamabad

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