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Modi decides Not to contest Chinese claim

The India-China standoff. India, China hold talks to defuse border standoff, thin out some forces (Reuters)

Comments: Reuters report that Indian and Chinese military commanders have agreed to pull back some troops from each side of their disputed border. Though, it’s difficult to comment on the credibility of news. The journalist Ajai Shukla, a former army colonel, tweeted on Thursday, citing satellite imagery and other sources, that China has not removed any troops.

There is a Global Dimension to the India-China Confrontation in Ladakh (The Wire)  “BJP finds itself facing a discourse that has catapulted the J&K dispute from its tacitly accepted bilateral dispute into a multilateral one and, indeed, now, a global “issue”.

Comments: Chinese are contesting the boundary of Ladakh; a part of Jammu & Kashmir to which Pakistan‘s claim is already registered in blood. Indian authors are correct in pointing out that now the Kashmir has become a multilateral issue between India, China, and Pakistan.

Modi Govt Has Many Reasons to Stay Mum on China: Expert Explains (Huffington Post)

Comments: China is reacting against the new block to contain China; the Quad [India, Japan, Australia and the US]. It has become a problematic situation for BJP led India to handle. If Modi decides to fight; he will get a bloody nose. If it blinks then not only loses territory but also falls from the grace of his strategic partners.
When the Quad sees a meek Indian response towards China; it will turn against Modi govt. In coming days when Indo-China standoff eases; India will receive a backlash from its strategic partners. The fact remains, India is not worth the trust, the Quad poses in Modi leadership. Modi is good enough for its minorities, Nepal or at best Pakistan.

Why China’s posturing in Ladakh Will Delay J&K’s Political Reset (The Quint)

Comments: The Indian journalist, Bharat Bhushan, questions Modi Govt as to Why India’s handling of Chinese border incursion is different from handling of Pakistani actions on LoC? He goes on to say that now it has become clear that the stalled political process in J & k is due to Chinese pressure. He concludes by saying Pakistan and China stand together on Kashmir as never before in history and it all happened due to the “vision”  of BJP leadership.



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