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Pak-US Friendship Needs Sincerity

Pakistan’s existence was threatened since its inception. Indian political elite believed and worked for disintegration of the country since early days. The princely state of Junagadh which had acceded to Pakistan as per 3rd Jun 1947 Partition Plan was forcefully occupied by India. Due share of military equipment and monetary assets of RBI (Reserve Bank of India) equivalent to 5.6 billion rupees were denied. [The state bank of Pakistan still shows this pending amount in its balance sheet.] For initial six months government of Pakistan was run by donations of its well to do people. Indian fraudulently occupied the Muslim majority state of Kashmir.  The rivers’ water from all Indian headworks was stopped to lower riparian state; Pakistan. The state of Pakistan was to fall back to India but surprisingly it did not. It was due to the then leadership of Pakistan, resilience of its people and support from our friendly countries.

Pakistan since its inception had no choice but to seek alliances. Fortunately, our friends supported us generously in all fields and the United States topped this list for many decades. Later, Pakistan also paid back in the same coin. United States became the ‘leader of unipolar world’ because of substantial contributions of Pakistan.

I don’t intend indulging in intellectual debate of whether or not the world is sliding to multipolarity. I know for certain that today the U.S. possesses the most powerful military machine and biggest economy in the world. It is a God-given, perfect opportunity for the U.S. to lead the world in an exemplary manner through higher values. Alas, the hard-working people of United States are not that lucky. Contemporary leadership and the ‘deep state’ of U.S. is tarnishing the soft power of U.S.

President Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem, an international city to the Capital of Israel, is at best ‘disappointing’. U.S. has been and is the biggest financial supporter and donor to Palestinians people in Gaza and elsewhere since 1967. The people of Palestine also look towards United States to end their suffering. However, today, the United States has lost the status of honest broker. I am aware that Trump is trapped by ‘inquiries at home ‘and he must have been assured support by the powerful Jewish lobby. However, people of United States must have known by now the happening in UN Security Council and UN General Assembly. The most eloquent U.S. Ambassador to UN, Ms. Nikki R. Haley looked dull while defending Trump’s decision in the Security Council. The cost of Trump decision has been born by people of America as ‘hatred’ in a large part of the world.

The interests of MNCs (Multi-national companies) and the funding patterns of various lobbies to US congressmen and political parties, have deprived the United States of its obvious advantages in international relations. Consequently, even the president of most powerful country like United States cannot stand for higher values and liberalism, the very foundation of its founding father.

The recent ‘National Security Strategy of United States’ is a 68 pages long document. So far I have studied one of its Section “South and central Asia.” In addition to its preamble which was signed by President Trump, contained many contradictions. To me it appeared that the high aids of Trump have faced lot of difficulties in balancing out new ‘National Security Strategy’. It is because Trump simultaneously stands for two contradictory positions, ‘The America First’ policy and advocating the ‘Fair play and Justice’ in the world.

Generally the states are guided by their national interests and disciplined by their values but for Trump “We are guided by our values and disciplined by our interests.” And what is the North America’s interest? Thank God Trump administration clearly tells us in the concluding paragraph, “National Security Strategy sets a direction for the United States that is meant to reassert America’s advantages on the world stage.” It is a clear ambition to dominate the world not to promote values.

Trump acknowledges that “South and Central Asia present some of the most complicated national security challenges and opportunities.” And he wants to bring economic prosperity to the region. However, Trump tasks India as the ‘leader’ of “Indo-pacific” to contain rise of China and resurgence of Russia. He is practically encouraging more of competition and confrontation.

Trump another promise “We will encourage the economic integration of Central and South Asia to promote prosperity and economic linkages that will bolster connectivity and trade”. However, he casts doubts and offer resistance on Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) of China; purely an economic project, an opportunity for developing nations to improve their infrastructures.

For Pakistan he says “We will press Pakistan to intensify its counterterrorism efforts, since no partnership can survive a country’s support for militants and terrorists who target a partner’s own service members and officials.” In 2011,  NATO troops led by US not only attacked Salala Check post where 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed, even today US military hawks openly suggest policy options to destabilize other countries and their allies to spread strategic chaos. US congressman like Dana Rohrabacher openly meet, butcher of Karachi, Mr. Altaf Hussain and Khan of Qalat and support Baluchistan separatists.

US has to prove its sincerity as a partner if Pakistan has to sacrifice more of its soldiers to keep American check post in Afghanistan.

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