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Pakistani people are brilliant

Pakistan is really a beautiful country, it has lot of potential to grow economically and to positively contribute in global economy. Luckily, our geographical location is unmatched, from North to South and East to West, it is full of natural resources and talented people. Demographically, we are a people with full of energy and spirited youth which can play a vital role to make Pakistan a prosperous country. It is our responsibility to provide them equal opportunities for healthcare, education and clean environment. The unfortunate part is, there is no equality as we treat wealthy and mighty people with more respect and facilitate them the most but an ordinary person keep struggling with limited opportunities and resources. Pakistan is an excellent and precious land but it is a mismanaged country, if we are able to provide good governance in all sectors then sky is the limit, nobody can stop Pakistan to emerge as prosperous, environmentally responsible and powerful country on the global landscape. Same Pakistani, when they come to overseas and get equal opportunities and conducive environment, they really do very well and in short period of time, they prove themselves as an important and integral part of that country. Many Pakistani in overseas are very successful professionals, like pharmacists, doctors, engineers and lawyers. So we need to think about to make Pakistan a better, peaceful place to live and excel.

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