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Personification of the Devil: DAESH Propaganda to Deceive Muslim Women

DAESH Propaganda Designed to Deceive Muslim Women
(Shiekh Muhammad Bilal)

When DAESH emerged it was considered as another violent non- state actor and an ultra religious extremist group. There was no realization that DAESH had capabilities to design and disseminate specific propaganda messages both for men and women using sophisticated information and communications technologies. As DAESH is now under pressure and squeezing in size, stature and losing territories once it triumphantly marched into, the inhuman conditions and treatment of people liberated from tortures and torment have been exposed. Majority of those who suffered the most are women.

When the cyberspace emerged in the 1980s and 1990s, it was a getaway idealistic virtual world for those who had lost faith in the political and economic decadence of the Developed World. They expressed their opinions, viewpoints and perceptions without any affect on the decaying society of the real world. However, this affectless phase of cyberspace has passed its evolutionary processes and now voices of concern whether radical, extremist, liberal or conservative are having impact on the real world politics as socio- political movements and public activism is on the rise. Entities such as NGOs, terrorist/ extremist groups, intelligence agencies, military organs, etc now can have a deeply localized charming or chaotic affect on the mindset of a person or a group. This has happened because information and communications technologies are being integrated with concepts and theories of social sciences especially from the fields of cognitive science and political science. This technological integration with social sciences has resulted in perfection of “Managed Chaos” to decimate and decapitate countries, cities, regions in a matter of days not months or years. Terrorist outfits like DAESH have become aware of and experts in this dark art of Managed Chaos.

DAESH creates propaganda which is specifically different for men and women. Men are lured by becoming the faithful and prove their devotion to god by joining the fight against the encroaching infidels on Muslim lands. Women are propagated the idea of sisterhood, opportunities of marriage to a real and humble man who is a jihadi fighter and becoming mothers of the faithful by giving birth to and raising the next generation of the pious.

Women hypnotized by DAESH’s propaganda venturing into the areas under its control and those women belonging to ethnic and religious minorities whose native areas when came under DAESH’s sway were subjected to institutionalized incidents of rape, torture, enslavement and murder. The idealistic world for women propagated by DAESH through cyberspace in reality where women are treated as a trade commodity, traded and exchanged as gifts to fulfill the evil lust of the DAESH barbarian. The ordeal of those women who have survived is shocking, body trembling and filled with unforgettable psychological and physical pain while being held captive as sex slaves and traded commodities. There is no doubt that the personification of the Devil in shape of Nazism which came to power in Europe and DAESH are similar in their propaganda approach, so it in not a new approach but is time tested. Nazis established camps to enslave women and downgraded their position in society, similarly DAESH has also done the same. Following in the footsteps of Nazism and proto-fascist ideology cannot be the way of any Muslim or Islamic believer, it is the way and modus operandi of only a fanatic and radically disoriented irreligious mindset.

An account of a female survivor Nadia Murad Basee Taha an Iraqi women who was manipulated by DAESH revealed her terrifying ordeal, “We, the women and children were brought by bus to another region” she said. “Along the way they humiliated us. They touched us and violated us. They took me to Mosul with more than 150 other women. Where there were thousands of more held captive. After some time we were being exchanged as gifts. One of these people came up to me, he wanted to take me, I was absolutely petrified. He forced me to serve as part of his military faction. He humiliated me every day. He forced me to wear clothes that didn’t cover my body. I was tortured. I tried to flee but one of the guards stopped me. That night he beat me. He asked me to take my clothes off. He put me in a room with the guards. Then they proceeded to commit their crime until I fainted.”

In its propaganda publication, “Dabiq,” DAESH justifies its mistreatment of women, saying it is permissible under early Islamic law to capture and forcibly make “heretical” women sexual slaves, “What we are doing to you is halal, what we are doing to you is allowed, and is not just allowed, but it is seen as good and virtuous in the eyes of God.” The publication goes on further, “Taking women as concubines is a firmly established aspect of the Shariah that if one were to deny or mock, he would be denying or mocking the verses of the Qur’an and the narration of the Prophet … and thereby apostatizing from Islam.” In Islam treating women with utmost respect is a virtue and Muslim women have played leading independent roles which cannot be denied. DAESH’s publications and its treatment of women reveal that it is a satanic group of psychopaths, who were once scum of society and perverts who have failed to achieve anything in the normality of society and are now bonding together in pursuit of committing heinous crimes against humanity and genocide.

Laudable journalist risking their lives working undercover deep inside DAESH controlled territories have reported precious information regarding DAESH’s treatment of women. Their reports are filled with the deeds of heroic women who accepted death rather than being sex slaves. The reports also indicate the existence of mass graves of women who were killed because they refused to forfeit their honour to a DAESH barbarian. Journalist has also reported about especially designated marketplaces where DAESH barbarians bring their sex slaves and trade them, with the DAESH authorities charging a small fee as revenue for their self-proclaimed Jihad.

What makes these atrocities against women even more sinister is that they are done in the name of Islam. The narrow and selective reading of the Quran in its wrong entirety to justify violence, to elevate and celebrate each sexual assault as spiritually beneficial and even virtuous, can only be the work of those who are the personification of the devil himself. Islam enjoins respect, tolerance, equality and independence for women. Thus DAESH’s treachery in the treatment of women and its use of sophisticated technologies to manipulate and brainwash them have now been exposed.

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