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Please Create a System in FATA

Army has done a great job in Waziristan by developing and restoring schools, hospitals, roads and other civic infrastructure and most important “the return of peace”…….Apart from continuously defeating terrorists I just want to suggest that we need to create a system in FATA which can sustain the current developments… how to effectively manage hospitals, schools, roads and commercial areas to the benefit of ordinary people. In towns and in commercial areas there must be a system in place to maintain the common area, waste management…garbage collection…..landscaping and creation of sports complex, parks and recreation facilities. The town management with proper town planning can work together with public members to sustain the development and peace which has happened with the cooperation of Pakistan Army. If the army and civil authorities can create a few councils comprising local people, elected local representatives, trained and educated staff as needed to maintain civic and commercial facilities just like DHA town management, it would be very beneficial for peace and development of civic infrastructure in this area. It is easy to build things in Pakistan but very difficult to maintain them. So whenever Army handover management to civil authorities, they are able and capable to maintain all the facilities especially to continue with town planning, solid waste management, to prevent encroachment, construction of eyesore ugly buildings and continue all the great work for a very long time. There must be stadiums and libraries for youth to involve in healthy, productive activities. Job and business opportunities for local people would stop migration to urban centres. Pakistan Army has done a fantastic job in restoring peace in this tribal area, well done…….Thanks, Pakistan Army!

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