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Pro Tips for Income Tax Filers in Pakistan

Pakistan has one of the lowest tax-paying populations in the world with only 1 percent of the citizens filing their tax returns. As of 2015, the Federal Board of Revenue has made it mandatory for all individuals with taxable incomes to file their income tax returns. The government has also taken steps to provide incentives for filers such as no advance tax on cash withdrawals and banking transactions and saving taxes on dividends.

The Pakistani government has also started taking strict measures against non-filers through bank details and property records. Therefore, now’s the perfect time to become a tax filer in Pakistan.

Here are a few pro tips you should keep in mind once you start your income tax filing process.

FBR Tax Filing Instructions

Before you begin any calculation or online registrations, it’s vital that you familiarize yourself with the tax filing instructions given by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). This way, you’ll understand the basic tax requirements and tax brackets. You’ll also find out the necessary documentation that you’ll need to provide in order to file your taxes.

Identify Your Tax Bracket

Once you have a basic understanding of the process, the next step is to calculate all your taxable income as well as properties and other assets to determine your tax bracket. Any income that goes above PKR400,000 annually is eligible for tax deductions, but the amount of payable tax can change with different brackets.

Mandatory Documents

In order to begin your tax filing process, you always need to have certain must-have documents and other required items handy, including:

  • Original valid CNIC with the correct information
  • Original Salary Certificates
  • A valid email ID for e-enrollment
  • Mobile number registered to your personal CNIC
  • An up-to-date bank certificate and a verification letter from the respective branch of your account


To start filing your tax returns online, you need to register and create an ID with FBR’s online portal. You’ll be asked to provide your CNIC and phone number, so make sure you keep both handy. You’ll also be prompted to input your NTN (National Tax Number) from your previous job.

In case you don’t have your NTN number, your CNIC will be enough and you’ll be asked to register for NTN before going further.

Be Careful!

This is very important. When filling out the necessary details with the FBR regarding your personal details and information regarding your finances, make sure you don’t fill in the wrong details. The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory, and you can’t complete filing your tax returns without providing the required information. Failing to provide the correct information can result in penalties for the concerned parties by the government and FBR.

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