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Why Would Israel Reportedly Have Missiles That Reach Beyond Iran by Yossi Melman (Haaretz) Jericho missiles’ sole purpose is deterrence – above all against Iran but also against Pakistan, located around 4,000 kilometers away, which is the exact range of Jericho. Not those Israel leaders think in such terms. Pakistan’s main enemy is India. But in Israel’s eyes, Pakistan is the only country that has an “Islamic bomb.”

“The concern about Pakistan remains at the heart of the Israel-India strategic partnership, which includes military intelligence. It was also reported in the past that the Mossad was monitoring Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities. It is only reasonable that after Iran, Pakistan’s capabilities are of a high priority in Israeli security considerations.”

Comments:  It appears that improving Pakistan-Iran relations are under scrutiny in the Middle East, US and Israel. Israeli article in Haaretz by a well-known security expert could also be a reflection of the same or Israeli domestic politics — Netanyahu effort to grab power by scaring own people. Otherwise reminding Pakistan regarding Israel’s military capabilities is to no avail. Pakistan understands Israel capabilities and limitations well and also aware that Israel is here in India, equipping her with the latest technology and ill advising over Kashmir.
The dynamics in the Middle East is also changing. Saudi Arabia and UAE do not appreciate any more Pakistani concerns while dealing with India, which also allows Pakistan to pursue independent foreign policy while dealing with Iran. Pakistan should not respond to Israeli provocation & neither succumb to external pressures. Pakistan should improve her relationship with neighbourly country Iran and eliminate frictions gracefully in low pitch.
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