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Selected reading of the day

Blood and Soil in Narendra Modi’s India by Dexter Filkins

“In India, the institutions have crumbled—universities, investigative agencies, the courts, the media, the administrative agencies, public services. There is no rational answer for what has happened, except that we pretended to be what we were for fifty, sixty years. We are now reverting to what we always wanted to be, which is to pummel minorities, to show them their places, to conquer Kashmir, and to ruin the media. All under a heavy resurgence of Hinduism. India is becoming the country it has always wanted to be.”

My take:  Two top journalists of the US and India, Dexter Filkins and Ranna Ayyb have exposed the BJP senior leadership, their crimes, evil designs and the dreadful situation in Kashmir. It is the best long article in a decade, worth reading and listening. Its audio is also available. Strongly recommended to understand the insight of BJP and emerging new India.

Extension Pakistan COAS

Puppet Imran Khan, master General Bajwa and an India story by Prabhash K Dutta (India Today) 7 Sidelined Pakistani generals linked to Azadi March by Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury (Economic Times) Understanding Pakistan SC ruling on Army chief, and why it matters for India by Shubhajit Roy (Indian Express) Pak army chief’s extension: The Plot Thickens! (  and many more

My take: There is plenty of Indians origin articles focused on the Pakistan army. All of them are useless; the sensational headlines and trash substance if you happen to click — Indians (actually its infamous intelligence agency RAW) is showing unprecedented interest in the case. The intent is quite clear; to implant dissent and friction within the Pak armed forces. RAW is also discrediting the Supreme Court of Pakistan, terming it to be part of conspiracy rather an independent and top institution of the country.

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