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Selected Reading of the Week-2


  • Protests give me a hope; Arundhati Roy                (AlJazeera)
  • Hindu nationalists are seeking the Israelification of India (Middle East Monitor)
  • Islamic rights body denounces Indian citizenship bill. (Arab News)
  • India’s Modi party misread the mood.                        (Reuters)
  • Kartarpur: Temple of hope between India and Pakistan. (BBC)
  • The BJP wants to silence us. But our voices will only grow louder (The Guardian)
  • Citizenship fears fuel anger among India’s Muslims. (Gulf Times)
  • Modi says Muslims ‘don’t need to worry’ citizenship law; death toll rises to 25. (The Telegraph)
  • India’s Immigration Protests Are Morphing Into Resistance to Modi’s Hindu Nationalist Rule By Meagan Clark and Avinash Giri.  (Newsweek)
  • India is at risk of sliding into a second Emergency. (Financial Times) Protests have spread across the country in response to a citizenship law that discriminates against Muslims. The government’s response echoes the path Indira Gandhi took nearly 35 years ago, declaring a state of emergency.
  • Comments. Atrocities against Muslims in Jammu &Kashmir and India are rising, but BJP is unmoved by the growing criticism from within India or abroad. Modi is not a typical politican, the World must know


  • Pakistan students shine at Beijing Institute of Technology, China (

  • Shahid Afridi after Imran Khan over Uighur Muslims (FreePressJournal“I request @ImranKhanPTIto speak up against this; talk of uniting the Muslim ummah includes our brothers & sisters in China too.” A day later Afridi deleted the tweet offering no background. Comments. Any senior official of Pakistan could meet Muslim Uighur community and support Chinese claim that all is well or join in criticizing Chinese govt for ill-treating Xinjiang’s Muslims. The silence is deafening.


  • Pakistan-China Coordination on Afghanistan  by Dr. Ghulam Ali 

  • Opinion: Afghanistan’s elections reflect a country in chaos. (DW)

  • Afghanistan’s Ghani claims narrow win in preliminary presidential vote results. (Reuters) With 9.7 million registered voters, according to IEC, turnout was a record low, 1.8 millions, with Ghani securing 50.64
  • US threats over Afghan war probe ‘troubling’, says ICC. (Financial Times)
    “United States is one country that has been credited with the modern appreciation of the rule of law,” Mr Eboe-Osuji [President ICJ] said in an interview. “So on that basis it comes as a big surprise that you would get that kind of a threat against an international court of law exercising judicial independence.”

A real story from Kashmir,  Why India wants Afghan War to go on?

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