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Selected Reading of the Week

  • Indian Agencies Were Planning Massive Terror Strikes On Delhi To 2001 Mumbai Attacks – Pakistan (EurAsian Times) “Pakistan has been warning the international community about India’s plans to stage a “false flag” terrorist operation and pin the blame on Pakistan. Pakistan has also blamed the Indian agencies for carrying out deadly 26/11 Mumbai attacks.” Comments: a good article revealing the Indian hidden agenda. BJP would like limited War with Pakistan to divert the attention of masses from its extremists policies; marginalization of minorities.
  • Pakistan to unveil “coherent” National Security Policy this year (Outlook.India) Top PM Aide said, “We are developing a coherent National Security Policy, which integrates foreign policy, internal security, education, population, global warming, culture and tourism, with a sole aim to ensure the social and economic security of the common man.
  • Comments: Excellent move, in Pakistan the focus is shifting to human security and all institutions gearing up to a single objective, the goodness of the people.
  • India’s Ruling Party Lawmaker Threatens to Shoot Protesters (NYT) 
  • India Is Abandoning Fundamental Rights, Say US Human Rights (The Wire) 
  • Why Hindutva is incompatible with economic growth (The Print)
  • Kashmir figured during talks between Modi and Macron: French (The Hindu) Modi’s project to make a Hindu India (The Japan Times) “Muslims and other minorities had begun to feel besieged by the Hindutva agenda — a majoritarian project by hard-line Hindus to transform India into a Hindu Rashtra (nation)
  • Comments: Slowly but surely, the West and other influential countries in the world are turning against Modi. Pakistan diplomacy and Kashmir soft power is also working well in the International community. Modi would eventually lose her vote-bank and India; the foreign direct investments.
  • Pakistan’s Lost Hope of Civilian Supremacy (The Diplomat) “When Pakistan’s opposition joined forces with the government to extend General Bajwa’s term as army chief, it was a blow to pro-democracy activists.”
  • Comments: Pakistan army chief is enjoying the confidence of all major political parties of Pakistan and the author says he is most controversial army chief; quite contradictory thesis.
  • Without Afghanistan, Pakistan and the US need a new basis for relationship (The Hill)
  • Comments: According to the author; US can build better ties with Pakistan in many sectors other than security that will be fruitful for both countries. a new perspective. The author is suggesting the agriculture sector for US cooperation. China is also interested in agri sector of Pakistan. However, a good read.
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