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Significant Articles Of The Week: Corona Virus, Indo-Pak Relations And More

Indian running big business in Dubai deactivates company website, Facebook, Twitter accounts (Jantakareporter)

“An Indian, who was running a big business in Dubai, has been forced to deactivate his company website, Linkedin profile, Facebook and Twitter accounts moments after a Royal family member from the UAE warned of consequences for racial and Islamophobic statement on social media.”

Comments: It is the first time any Royal family member of UAE has reacted to the racial/Islamophobic tweets. Extremists Hindus; BJP workers (ruling party of Modi) grossly ill-treat, dehumanize and economically deprive Indian Muslims in every possible way. Muslims are even lynched over suspicion of eating beef. In coming days, Indians Diaspora is likely to face immense pressures worldwide for the racial and senseless policies of Modi Govt in India.


European Countries Are Slowly Lifting Corona virus Lockdowns. (Time Magazine)

“From the reopening of garden centers in Austria to children returning to school in Germany, many European countries are cautiously planning their first steps out of national lockdowns”

Comments: The European nations have gradually come to realize that even strictest lock-down is not fully preventing the pandemic. However, its economic effects are disastrous as closures of factories and markets choke the circulation of money; a havoc for the middle class.


Undesirable and avoidable fresh security challenges may detract from the complex battle that South Asia is waging against COVID-19 (European Foundation for South Asian Studies)

Comments:  The European Thin Tank claims that Pakistan’s ISI is building and arming new terrorist groups to fight India in Kashmir.  It is totally false and a serious allegation. Pakistan under PM Imran Khan has adopted transparent policies and relations with all its neighbours and beyond. The nations all over the world are talking peace and extending cooperation with hostile neighbours, but Pakistan–India relations are unique. Indian propaganda machinery has not lowered its pitch and unfortunately few Western think tanks toeing the Indian line without caring for their credibility.

Comprehensive plan for flood management on Jhelum, tributaries underway in India (Rising Kashmir)

“During recent winter, the valley received 25 percent more snowfalls than last year which will increase water level in rivers and tributaries during summer season and situation may become dangerous.”

Comments: India is spending a massive amount on control of rivers water flowing downward towards Pakistan.  This year, Pakistani officials are busier in combating the corona pandemic. However, they must not lose sight of an equally important and urgent problem. The relevant departments need to start preparing for floods given increased snowfalls and Indian significant control over the rivers’ water.


This War Guaranteed That India Would Dominate South Asia by Michael Peck. (National Interest)


Comments:  The American author gives a simple but powerful interpretation of Indo Pak War of 1971. He says India did not win air war or naval engagement from Pakistan during 1971 and for the land; it was a strategic dilemma for Pakistan unprecedented in history. On the development of atomic bombs by Pakistan, the author opines that this happens when you chop the proud nation into two and humiliate it. The author warns the Indians and the world as a whole that the next war between the two nuclear-armed countries could be the last. The author linguistic skills and understanding of warfare is superb. A must read for those who love to read about warfare.


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