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The Pulse from International Media on 5 August

New York Times

What Is Article 370, and Why Does It Matter in Kashmir?

  • NYT endorses Indian narrative over Indian administered Jammu and Kashmir issue.
  • The paper gives the reasons “Under Mr. Trump, American foreign policy has shifted away from Pakistan, a longtime recipient of American aid, toward India. US administration views India as a bulwark against China’s rising influence in Asia.”

New York Times

Abductions, Censorship and Layoffs: Pakistani Critics Are Under Siege By Maria Abi-Habib

  • In last five years, 11 journalists have been killed in Pakistan, seven of them since Mr. Khan was sworn in as prime minister
  • Pakistan military is accused of meddling during the 2018 general elections

Comments: New York Times is eroding its credibility while being part of Indian propaganda themes against Pakistan.

Deccan Chronicle

India rejects Pakistan’s new political map and termed it “an exercise in political absurdity”

Comments:  India has to sit on the negotiating table with Pakistan earlier the better.

 Indian Express

Nearly 150 militants killed in J&K this year, only 17 of them from Pakistan by Deeptiman Tiwary

  • The number of militants from Pakistan killed by the security forces has nosedived by almost 50% compared to last year.
  • Local militants accounted for more than 88% of militant deaths in security operations in 2020.

Comments: All sane people even  in India understand that Kashmir’s freedom struggle is indigenous.

The Hindu

Time to unlock: On a year after the removal of J&K’s statehood (Editorial Hindu)

  • There are two steps the Centre can take to start a conversation with the people of J&K — release all political prisoners and restore its Statehood.
  • Comments: sincere suggestion but BJP is suffering from illusions

Tribune India

China obdurate, Doval-led panel to chart out course

  • China Study Group comprising Doval, Cabinet Secretary, Foreign Secretary, Service Chiefs and Defence Secretary will approve the next steps to be taken along the LAC.
  • Chinese stance at the meeting was “uncooperative”, reflecting the official line that Chinese troops were positioned on their side of the LAC.
  • Comments: The radical team of PM Modi will ruin Indian economy and social fabric of society.

The Print

At Ayodhya, we will see dismantling of the old, and the bhoomipujan of the new republic

If the BJP is guilty of dismantling the republic, all other parties are silent approvers. Like in the case of the most ardent opponent of majoritarianism, the epitaph for India’s slowly dying republic could also be “Hey Ram”.

Comments: Religious harmony in a highly diverse country is evaporating which ultimately lead to civil war and insurgency. Many people are not yet  aware of Indian  as the US propaganda is helping BJP Govt, in view of changes in the international system.

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