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Lying in the northern part of Indian Subcontinent, Kashmir is a state of disputed territory that is struggling to tell the world that injustice has been done to it by annexing it with Hindu majority state called India…

According to India’s own officials, only in the last 3 decades, more than 40000 Kashmiris have been killed and many others injured(the number is expected to be more than told officially)…

Use of pellet guns have devoid many Kashmiris from eyesight, young Kashmiris have been abducted, girls and women have been treated inappropriately in special prisons, and many other hidden heinous crimes have been committed against the justice devoid Kashmiris.

Jammu and Kashmir was given a special status in 1954 by President Ram Nath by presidential order. This was given under article 370 and article 35A. This article allowed it to have a separate constitution, a state flag, and autonomy over the internal administration of the state. This article, along with Article 35A, defined that the Jammu and Kashmir state’s residents live under a separate set of laws, including those related to citizenship, ownership of property, and fundamental rights, as compared to residents of other Indian states. As a result of this provision, Indian citizens from other states could not purchase land or property in Jammu & Kashmir.

In the start of August India deliberately carried out certain steps that were evident that it was going to end the special status of disputed Jammu and Kashmir. India disrupted telecommunication, canceled a major Hindu pilgrimage, dispatched about 10000 more troops in the disputed area, put leaders of freedom movement under house arrest and called all the tourists back from Jammu and Kasmir.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Hindu nationalist BJP had long opposed Article 370 and revoking it was in the party’s 2019 election manifesto.

Then finally on 6th of August 2019, India abolished article 370 and 35A through a presidential order, and Jammu and Kashmir was devoid of its special status.

The government is also moving to break up the state into two smaller, federally-administered territories. One region will combine Muslim-majority Kashmir and Hindu-majority Jammu. The other is Buddhist-majority Ladakh, which is culturally and historically close to Tibet.

India’s BJP-led government is hailing its decision to strip the state of Jammu and Kashmir of autonomy after seven decades, characterising it as the correction of a “historical blunder”, but many are saying including think tanks from within India that this decision will do more harm than good…


The article allowed the state a certain amount of autonomy – its own constitution, a separate flag and freedom to make laws.

Moreover, this article prohibited any other Indian to buy property in disputed Jammu and Kashmir, so that people of this disputed area are confident that Muslim majority will not be abolished and demographics will not be harmed.

Consequences of removing special status :

It looks quite obvious that taking away the special status of Kashmir will bring significant demographical changes in the disputed area, just like what Israel did to Palestine.

Kashmir will no longer have a separate constitution but will have to abide by the Indian constitution, much like any other state.

All Indian laws will be automatically applied to Kashmiris, and people from outside the state will be able to buy property there.


Pakistan has been raising its voice on all relevant platforms for decades since the basis of this injustice has been laid.

Recently PM of Pakistan has called his counterparts from Malaysia, Turkey to take them on board with the issue of Kashmir.

Foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has recently paid a visit to China to brief them on the injustice that has been done on the part of India by abolishing the article and removing the special status.

In the meeting of National Security Council, it was decided to downgrade diplomatic ties with India. Pakistan has sent back Indian high commissioner and other staff, and on the other hand, has stopped its high commissioner from being deployed in India.

Pakistan has decided to put a halt on bilateral trade and cultural relations. Pakistan has also decided to raise the issue of Kashmir in the UN Security Council.

Pakistan has declared this move by India as part of Hindutva ideology that opposes giving rights to any minority in India.


We can not be spectators and see all this bloodshed in India held Jammu and Kashmir.

We can raise our voices by writing articles, spreading the message of Kashmiris and by understanding and acknowledging their struggle for freedom that has cost them thousands of lives.

Not only Government of Pakistan but we also have to tell the world that it has to stop India from committing these crimes against Muslims in Kashmir. And we have to realize the world that India is trying to do with Kashmir what Israel did to Palestine.

If still, the world will remain silent than we all shall be responsible for not saving the Muslims in Kashmir from Indian atrocities.

The entire existence of Kashmir as a Muslim state is under severe threat, and bloodshed of Muslims seem to have no end in all this scenario.

Pro-freedom Kashmiri leader and All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) Chairman Syed Ali Geelani took to Twitter and said ;

This tweet must be considered as an SOS (Save Our Souls) message to all Muslims living on this planet. If we all die and you kept quiet, you will be answerable to Allah the Magnificent. Indians are about to launch the biggest genocide in the history of Mankind. May Allah protect us.

— Syed Ali Geelani Aug 3,2019

**The author is a student of Rawalpindi Medical University, Pakistan

Vice President of University Society: Youth Reformers Society

RMU 1st yr

The RSS is at war with India’s past

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