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Top articles of the week about Pakistan and Kashmir

The Kashmir situation is unprecedented in international politics. However, the silence of the world community on the Kashmir situation is deafening. No influential world leader has called upon Indian PM Modi to end curfew and isolation of over 8 million people in Kashmir. The global system has gone anarchic and cruel. Consequently, the UN Security Council is fast losing its credibility.

There is a mounting pressure on Pakistan to provide immediate relief to the people of Indian held Kashmir entrapped in curfew. Pakistan, however, has not been able to achieve anything concrete or meaningful through peaceful efforts for the people of Kashmir. It appears War is the only option for Pakistan to satisfy the people of Kashmir on both sides of the border else it will face problems in handling both.

PM Imran Khan while addressing the UNGA categorically asked the UN  Security Council “If the U.N. doesn’t speak about it, who is going to speak about it?”

If  the UN does not pass any resolution in favour of people of Kashmir, Pakistan should upgrade its logistical plans and get ready for War. India is all set for aggression, let’s attack her first at the time & place of our choosing. The Pak diplomats could continue to do their job, but Pakistan military must not waste its time while looking towards P-5

Following articles have been quite helpful in understanding the current situation in Kashmir and beyond

Kashmir will become India’s Vietnam War: Markandey Katju

              Kashmir will soon become what Vietnam was for the French and the Americans, Afghanistan for the Russians, and Spain for Napoleon. We may keep boasting of our ‘surgical strike’, but that solves no problem. There will repeated guerilla-type attacks on our armed forces in Kashmir, using hit and run tactics, the most recent one being on the Baramulla army camp.

The U.N. Can’t Ignore Kashmir Anymore By New York Times Editorial Board

            The Security Council should make clear that it opposes Mr. Modi’s brutal tightening of India’s control on Kashmir. While Mr. Modi may think he can control this volatile conflict on his own, he almost certainly cannot.

 A resonant appeal to world’s conscience – Gulf Times

           The touchstone of his address however, was the nearly two-month old lockdown in Indian-administered Kashmir. Moving beyond Islamabad’s known stance on the burning issue, Imran Khan made an impassioned appeal to the UN Security Council and world powers to heed their responsibility in preventing a potential face-off between two nuclear-armed neighbours in the event of things reaching a point of no-return.

World leaders are failing Kashmir (Asia Times)

It is time for influential world leaders to exhibit their faith in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” The Permanent Five members of the UN Security Council should put aside their petty commercial interests and ask India to lift the curfew in Kashmir, free illegally held innocent young men, and end the communication blackout immediately.

Pakistan Leader Will Urge U.N. Intervention in Kashmir (NY Times)

“Over the past two months, Indian forces have rounded up at least 2,000 Kashmiris, including elected representatives”

Erdogan calls for dialogue for solution on Kashmir (Anadolu)

Erdogan criticized international community for failing to pay attention to Kashmir conflict, which awaits solution for 72 years. The president said the stability and prosperity of South Asia cannot be separated from the Kashmir issue.

Government report reveals Pakistan’s progress on military acquisitions amid financial woes (Defense News)

“Despite its economic challenges, Pakistan has maintained progress on critical modernization programs to strengthen its conventional military forces, according to a recently revealed government document.”

Pak-US Friendship Needs Sincerity

The US has to prove its sincerity as a partner if Pakistan has to sacrifice more of its soldiers to keep American check post in Afghanistan.


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