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Top Articles of the Week: Good read number 2

In today’s world of technology, we have plenty of information but mostly biased if not fake. Consequently, I gradually lost the pleasure of reading and knowing. I was of the firm view that finding the quality information and avoiding disinformation was still a challenge and time-consuming exercise. A few days earlier, I discussed the same with my friends who came up with the idea that everyone shall share the quality articles by saving the time of others. We have tried it over the week and found it quite rewarding. Today, I thought the best articles of the week which I have enjoyed be also shared on the web for the benefit of all. Please enjoy the selection of my friends. I have given a punching line with each article for the benefit of busy people who cannot afford to read entire articles.
You can also join us by highlighting the top articles of your read. Please enjoy the excellent read.

India: Intimations of an Ending by Arundhati Roy (The Nation)

India is not really a country. It is a continent. More complex and diverse, with more languages—780 at last count, excluding dialects—more nationalities and sub-nationalities, more indigenous tribes and religions than all of Europe. Imagine this vast ocean, this fragile, fractious, social ecosystem, suddenly being commandeered by a Hindu supremacist organization that believes in a doctrine of One Nation, One Language, One Religion, One Constitution.

Rana Ayyub On Ayodhya Verdict: Forget Closure, Muslims Can’t Even Say How Unhappy We Are By Betwa Sharma (Huffington Post) India’s Muslims have been silent after the Supreme Court’s Ayodhya verdict because they are afraid of what will happen if they speak up, said journalist Rana Ayyub.

Anger over India’s diplomat calling for ‘Israel model’ in Kashmir (Al Jazeera) “A senior Indian diplomat Sandeep Chakravorty, India’s consul general in New York has triggered a controversy by calling for the adoption of an “Israeli model” in Indian-administered Kashmir, which is reeling under a crippling military lockdown and internet blackout for nearly four months now.”

Ever Wonder Where World War III Will Start? Keep An Eye On India and Pakistan by Kyle Mizokami (The National Interest Online) Tactical nuclear weapons, although they might stabilize the front, would bring the risk of all-out nuclear warfare. The side that had been winning, seeing that the losing side had resorted to battlefield nuclear weapons, might very well unleash an all-out nuclear attack.

Why a tiny African country is taking the Rohingya’s case to the world court By Danielle Paquette (The Washington Post)

“As I listened to the horrific stories — of killings, of rape, of torture, of burning people alive in their homes — it brought back memories of the Rwandan genocide,” Tambadou said in a phone interview. “The world failed to help in 1994, and the world is failing to protect vulnerable people 25 years later.”

Surprised about Mark Zuckerberg’s secret meeting with Trump? Don’t be by Siva Vaidhyanathan (The Guardian) Zuckerberg has hugged Narendra Modi, who has ruled India since 2014 by stirring up Hindu nationalist sentiments and crushing the interests of Muslims. Zuckerberg has never expressed misgivings about that alliance, and Modi, like Duterte, rode Facebook and WhatsApp to victory in his elections.

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