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The True Face of” Incredible India”

The True Face of Incredible India  By  Haroon Malik

Ever since the Hindu extremist party BJP took reins of power in India, it has embarked on a massive spree of defence spending. The scale is indeed unprecedented in the Indian history. For the year 2017-18, the Indian Govt allocated a staggering Rs. 3,59,854 crore (US$ 53.5 billion) for Defence. Before proceeding further, let us glance at some of the ground realities about a country so vehemently projected in the international community as “Shining and Incredible India”.

  • According to a World Bank Survey, India has one of the lowest per capita income. (at $2500, ranked 112th out of 164 countries).
  • More than one third of the country’s population of more than 1.33 billion continues to live below the poverty line. Poverty remains a chronic condition for almost 30 per cent of India’s rural population.
  • India has one of the highest infant mortality rates (40.5) in the world.
  • As per the most recent Swachhta Status Report in 2015, more than half of the rural population (52.1 per cent) of the country still defecates in open.
  • The poverty based fear in Indian families’ results in about 1.6 crore abortions / infanticides per year.
  • The Indian literacy rate is still 74.00% (the level is below the world average literacy rate of 84%).
  • The world infamous Hindu cast system forces the lower cast minorities to lead a life of condemnably sub-human existence.
  • Due to a decaying social fiber, India has turned into a certified “Rape Capital” of the world.

In short, the list of such tainted feathers in India’s hat can go on and on. Given the aforementioned hard facts, isn’t it ironic that Indian Govt should continue to divert such massive portions of their national exchequer to defence spending? Alas nobody seems to pay heed. On the contrary the Modi gang drunk high on extreme Hindu ideology continues to drive India  down the crazy war path. A deeper analysis of the fundamental Hindu mindset reveals following:-

  • A belligerent India wants to force its hegemonic designs on all its smaller neighbours in the region.
  • The hard wired Hindutva ideology is not ready to yield any space to low cast Hindus or a large number of suffering minorities.
  • From a cruel war of oppression being waged in Indian Occupied Kashmir to the suppression of freedom movements in Asam and Nagaland, the blood on Indian hands is a glaring proof of its Hindutva philosophy.
  • An India suffering from delusions of grandeur wants to maintain a regional supremacy by bullying all its smaller neighbours into submission.

All said and done, the saner voices in Indian polity must prevail and take stock of the situation. Instead of blowing away billions of dollars on super heavy defence deals, the Indian Govt must spend its money to improve the lot of its impoverished and destitute sea of humanity.  The wild dreams of turning India into a super military power while half of its populace still defecates in the open due to acute shortage of toilets certainly can’t be the idea of a  “Shining and Incredible” India.

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