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TTP Is An Indian Asset Against Pakistan & NATO | Indian Strategist

Situation: A leading Strategic Thinker, Bharat Karnad from India who holds enormous sway with the BJP Govt in on policy matter has made a shocking yet unsurprising claim. In his OpEd published by Bloomberg, he writes;

“The other is to pay Pakistan back in the same coin: Stoke the ambitions of the mainly Pakhtuni Tehreeq-e-Taliban Pakistan and its impulses to fight the Pakistan army and state. Indeed, TTP’s fighting qualities are sufficiently developed and effective to simultaneously fight the Pakistan army in Pakistan and the U.S.-led NATO forces in Afghanistan. It is an asset for India to support and grow with

moral and material support, and to develop as a bargaining card when the two sides do sit down across the table to talk and hammer out a mutually acceptable solution for Jammu & Kashmir once the 2019 general elections are out of the way”

Who is Bharat Karnad: He is a Research Professor of National Security Studies at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi and an influential national security expert. He is the author of India’s Nuclear Policy. He is also a regular lecturer at India’s highest military training institutions and forums and conducts an annual Strategic Nuclear Orientation Course for senior armed forces officers for the Integrated Defense Staff at the Indian Ministry of Defense.

What is TTP: The Tehreek – i – Taliban Pakistan is a an international terrorist organization, listed by the United States on the list of the most dangerous foreign terrorist organizations. It was responsible for the failed Time Square bombing in New York City, as well as for killing over 50,000 Pakistan civilians and security forces since 2005.

Implications: This blatant admission of collusion between TTP & Indian State by one of India’s most influential strategists is as unsurprising as it is preposterous. Using TTP as a proxy terrorist front against Pakistan is well documented and well established, however by touting the capability of TTP to fight against NATO in Afghanistan, Bharat Karnad is effectively calling for Indian State to sabotage the ongoing peace process in Afghanistan by waging a Hybrid War in Afghanistan to try and regain lost ground in the region – because India has effectively been ejected from the ‘Afghan Solution’ talks. This development may not be ignored in Washington DC given the influence of the author on Indian Policy – because if such a dangerous strategy is put into use, its impacts will be immeasurable not only for Pakistan but for the US regional policy.

The article was published at Caspian Institute 

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