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US Media Says Russians Are Coming

Thinking about the “McCarthyism era,” where anything even remotely divergent from the hysteria was antithetical to “these United States” made me summarize the entire period: witch-hunt.

It seemed absurd to me how such an environment could exist. Where anybody that questioned, suggested a different perspective or cautioned against irrationality was labelled a spy, a traitor, or a dreaded “communist.” The pejorative word used to vilify anybody not swept up in the cascade of hysteria and the bandwagon effect.

What we are watching in the US is a hysteria being orchestrated by parties and members of the US corporate and political establishment to rally “America” against the “commie Soviets” again, except there are no “commie Soviets.” The push for Russophobia is like nothing Western audiences – yes, audiences because this is theatre – have seen before, even during the Cold War.

The neo-McCarthyist hysteria has allowed lawmakers to restrain RT America, an organ operated by Americans critiquing their own government – whose narratives can’t survive RT’s scrutiny – with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). This clampdown on journalists and Westerners critical of their own society is a repeat of the 1950s. Why hasn’t FARA been used against the state-run BBC or France 24? Their failure to deconstruct or challenging the US state narrative comes to mind.

Even Democracy Now is covering and prioritizing Russiaphobic stories, even interviewing disgraced journalist Kurt Ichenwald, the Newsweek reporter who had to retract and delete seven discredited articles that provoked a libel lawsuit.

The American public has become more misinformed in an already unaware nation. The corruption in politics has continuously evaded the stage light, and while we watch the US implode on several fronts, the planet has moved on, with global mass infrastructural projects to actually create a layout for a more unified planet, slowly materializing.

Former CIA director James Woolsey was recently on Fox News laughing as he stated that the US only interferes in other countries’ elections “for a good cause.” The 81 elections influenced between 1946 and 2001 by the US all being ‘”or a good cause” – and that excludes the last 17 years and all military coups – are hard to validate.

There’s no clear evidence of Russian governmental interference in the US. It’s possible, but there’s clear evidence of the mounds of dead from US interventions across the Middle East.

Russia didn’t rig an already rigged system; you get to elect, not select the candidates in this corruptible system. Obsessing about this issue allows Trump gets away with real adverse domestic and foreign policies.

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