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What is up at social media?


Over a weekend, a deadly attack in Kabul on Saturday by “ISIS”, Swap of prisoners by 10 March?, and today on 9th March ‘two Presidential inaugurations’  in Kabul dominated the social media regarding Afghanistan.

Comments: US-Taliban peace deal is uncertain. Ashraf Ghani is a spoiler. PTM is also part of Ashraf Ghani Campus.

 India and Bangladesh

Massive protests in Bangladesh against Modi’s scheduled visit to Dhaka on 17 March and today it is postponed due to “Corona virus”

Saudi Arabia
There are a lot of rumors  about King Suleiman health, although the King has been shown accepting the recommendation letters of few of the foreign ambassadors on the State TV. Nevertheless, there are some critical arrests of royal family members. Crown Prince, Muhammad bin Suleiman, however, is calling the shots in the Kingdom.

Pakistan – #Aurat March

It was far left –far right debate on social media. The campaign could not attract middle class and hence, did not create intended ‘divide’ in Pakistani society.So far so good.

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