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World as seen from Islamabad

India/ Indian Muslims/ Indian Express

Higher share of Dalits, tribals, Muslims in prison than numbers outside in India

India/Defense/ Hindustan Times

Ahead of PM Modi’s visit, strategic Atal Rohtang Tunnel ready for inauguration 

India/Defense/ Economic Times

India to start bidding process by Oct to procure 6 submarines costing Rs 55,000 crore 

 India is all set to launch the bidding process by next month for a Rs 55,000-crore mega project to build six conventional submarines for the Indian Navy

Afghanistan/US-Taliban deal/ NYT

Taliban Violated Afghan Deal with Shelling of American Bases, U.S. Officials Say By Thomas Gibbons-Neff

  • A Taliban commander denied that the group had carried out any strikes on American bases in Helmand and said the group would investigate.
  • France and Australia do not want those members of the Taliban accused of attacks on their citizens released
  • United States has said it has reason to believe two of the Taliban fighters to be released would join the Islamic State

 Iran/EU/ Financial Tribune

EU Committed to Nuclear Deal as Key Security Element – by Web Desk

 Iran / US / Eurasia Review

Iran Counter Suing To Block US Seizing $1.7 Billion In Assets by Tasnim News Agency

  • Deputy Governor of Iranian Central Bank said Iran was taking legal steps to counter a lawsuit filed in a US court by creditors seeking to seize $1.7 billion of its assets held by Deutsche Boerse’s Clearstream unit.
  • In 2020, a Luxembourg court said Iranian assets worth $1.6 billion held by Clearstream as compensation for alleged terror victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks will not be transferred to the US amid Washington’s pressures.

 US / Intelligence / Washington Times

Intelligence chief accuses Congress of leaking of classified info by Mike Glenn

Israel/ Diplomacy / The Brussels Times

Israel holds secret talks with Arab leaders on normalising ties by Web Desk

  • Netanyahu say he had already had talks with leaders of Sudan, Chad and Oman. While these meetings have been publicized, there “are many more unpublicized meetings with Arab and Muslim leaders”.
  • The UAE and Israel are separated geographically by KSA, and according to the Israeli press, the first flight by the Israeli carrier is scheduled to pass through Saudi air space.
  • Pakistan/ Pak-Saudi Relations/ Aljazeera

    Pakistan’s balancing act may be failing by Abdul Basit & Zahid Shahab Ahmed (Al Jazeera)

    Today, Saudi Arabia has several reasons to value its deepening partnership with India more than its historic ties to Pakistan. While the annual trade between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia stands at around $3.6bn, Saudi-India bilateral trade is worth more than $30bn.

    Pakistan/AI/ Quwa

    Pakistan Air Force Delves into Artificial Intelligence Development (Quwa)

    The scope of CENTAIC’s activities are not yet known to the public, but Pakistan Air force is  researching into a number of key fields in AI, such as big data, machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics and, potentially, natural language processing (NLP).

    Pakistan/Satellite Imagery/ (WeForNews)

    Pakistan buys China’s Jilin-1 satellite data

    • Intelligence sources said that Pakistan has entered into a contract with China to procure Jilin-1 satellite data for 2020.
    • The Jilin constellation comprises a network of ten satellites in orbit with the capability of global coverage and it can revisit any location twice a day.

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