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You are beautiful

Miss *Sidra imagines, ‘BEAUTY’ and says  You are beautiful

Having a arched eyebrow ,
Having a heart shaped face ,
Or having a milky colour ???…
Is it only???
Mere points of beauty!!!

What if???

If you having a chubby mass,
Squinty eyes with wrinkling eyebrows ,
Scowling faces , fluffy lips …
Or having a Brownie colour …?

Oh what???
Beauty definition ended!!!

No, no and no….

Have you noticed those “sparking eyes “beautiful smiles’, Soothing words
helping hands giving favour to any one!!!

Is the best example of beauty???z
Yes it is!!!

Yeah..! You are born “unique”,
See the beauty of your “mind “,
See the shines in “sparking eyes”
See the beauty in “helping hands” !!

No matter who you are!!
Brown or white, thin or fat,
See the beauty that resides inside you!!!!

You are beautiful in any case!!!
Yes, yes and yes you are beautiful in your own way!!!

Not becomes the “People’s definition of beautiful ”
Be your own “definition of beautiful”

* Sidra Ashraf, Doctor of Pharmacy,   Quad-e-Azam University, Islamabad


  1. Arooj Arooj July 7, 2018

    Nicely written

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